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Friday, Jul. 28, 2006, 11:47 a.m.: moving...

A few things going on right now, that's worth discussing...in my opinion.

I had a breakthru last night. K and I are working on this play, just the two of us. We were cast by a director friend of him and he's the husband and I'm the wife [of course]. We started our first rehearsal by feeling out the characters. K is a soldier so he had to express his experience of war to me. I am a house-wife who lived alone while my hubby was @ war, so I never knew from one day to the next if he was alive or dead. I had to express my experience to him as well. What made this a breakthru for me was that I had to take from my own personal dialigue, while re-capping my 2 years alone. The fact that I wasn't reading off of a script made me much more attached and emotional. Also the fact that I could relate myself to this woman's experience, in the sense that I just had to imagine K being the one @ war. By the end of my re-capping I was bawling my eyes out. I couldn't believe it! I've never felt that emotionally exposed before while I was acting...and it was so fucking liberating!! When I was done the director [and his assistant] were clapping, they were so excited. I was proud too.

My day job. I'm thinking of leaving here. I was talking to this chick @ my gym last night. She works for an insurance co as well, seeling life insurance & mutual funds. She works her own hours, gets her own clients, and makes most of her own money based on the policies she sells. The thought of working my own schedule is REALLY appealing to me. I'm getting tired of being here and constantly having to compete with my co-worker [who's had 16 yrs experience here], while losing potential clients while I'm out on auditions. Anyways, I'm not fully convinced yet that it's the best move for me, but I'm totally open to exploring the possibility. I've gotta do alot of research on the company and shit like that, but I know it's time for a move.