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Wednesday, Jul. 19, 2006, 10:57 a.m.: phase out...

I've got a killer head-ache today. I haven't been sleeping well since our new addition. I also didn't drink enough water yesterday.

We got a new baby. Her name is Kaya and I keep mixing her up with our cat's name, Maya, which is really getting annoying. She's a 6 week old pomeranian and she's fiesty as hell. She's adorable BUT I'm lacking the potty training patience needed to care for her. I just get frustrated really easily but, I guess it will get better eventually. K trains her during the day, when he's home, and I take care of her @ night. We're going to pick up her brother tonight b/c this couple [friend's of ours] want to buy him. Now Kaya will have her brother to constantly play with, which is cool. I've got an audition today to play a disabled girl in a wheel chair. Sounds like a challenging role, but I'm like fill in choice for the audition process. My agent called and told me that the other girl [on her roster], that went out for it and got cast, backed out. Now, why am I second in line for that one?! I'm changing agents.

I invited my parents over to our place this Saturday. They're going up North to pick my little sister up from camp and on their way home they'll be driving by our area. So I told them they should drop by for a coffee. Well, my Mom made an excuse that my sis might be tired and when I refuted it she told me to ask my Dad. Then my Dad told me that they'd have to see what time they get into town. I told him that they should just be straight with me if they don't want to come over...instead of beating around the bush and pretending. Like for fuck sakes man, can I get some god damn respect and support from these fucking people or what?! That's what's getting old. I'm getting very sick and tired of their charades. Why do I feel like I'm fucking 12 yrs old still with them?!