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Friday, Jul. 14, 2006, 10:34 a.m.: regenerate...

It's been a while, I know. I try to update more but it just feels so tedious sometimes PLUS I've been very busy here @ work...which doesn't help. But, here goes.

WHAT'S NEW: Our wedding show aired on the lifenetwork last week. It turned out well and we were impressed. They over-exaggerated our characters slightly but I suppose it's tv, so they want ratings. We're in the running to get our episode turned into an hour long one, for the next season of Rich Bride Poor Bride.

This past Sunday we threw a World Cup Festival in the city. It was a success, regardless of the fact that we lost some money on it. Both K and I hosted and we screened the final soccer game on a big screen too. Italy won btw...WOO HOO!!! On that note, I haven't been impressed with how the media is trying to steal the victory away from the Azzurri. All of a sudden, just b/c France's best player lost his cool, now it's a freakin' crime to trash talk. Seriously, this was going on in every game so far [not that it should be justified] this year and NOW they decide to bring it to the forefront. Not impressed, I must say.

WHAT'S OLD: I'm getting tired of constantly moving...of always being on the run. I need some down time to really focus on myself and some of the demons that plague my thoughts and seep into my every day living. It's funny, b/c no matter how fast you run or where you run to, they always follow. There is no getting rid of them unless you face them head on. I've got alot of deep rooted issues that I've failed to properly explore. My relationsip with K has really brought them out and to my attention. We all have issues, I'm quite aware. I've found that mine like to cut me off emotionally from the people a/r me and that's something I have to address. I found an envelope in my desk, the other day. It had papers for a thought log, that was given to me by a psychiatrist 4 years ago, when I first tried to attack my problems. It was scary to see how similar the issues were to the ones I'm trying to deal with today and how much worse they had become. I have gotten stronger in my resolve and my feelings and my thoughts...negatively. It's time to turn this destructive fire into that of regeneration.