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Tuesday, Jun. 06, 2006, 10:43 a.m.: it's a done deal...

Woo Hoo-after all the fucking drama that my parents tried to pull on me Friday....as of today K & I are proud new owners of our own condo. Mortgage was approved yesterday, my rrsp was liquified for down payment, and we secured some more extra cash for any new stuff we need to paint or update the place. I even managed to put money on my credit cards & we'll have enough left over for lawyer fees. Speaking of which, I have to contact a lawyer friend of my Dad's, who use to work beside us. He will hopefully spare us some cash on his fee. Don't know yet tho, I will have to talk to him a/b it. So that's that. Everything worked out the way it was suppose to...and we DIDN'T need their help. I took yesterday off to get all of this in order...we spent the whole day on it. So now, as of June 28th we'll be able to move into our place. We also have 2 potential renters for our current place. The landlord is meeting with them tonight and checking out their credit...whomever has the best credit, wins. July 1st it should all be complete. I'm very excited a/b painting and decorating. This new condo is awesome...so I can't wait to get in there. And, it's ours!!!!!

PS-Thanks to OZ & b47 for the well wishes...haven't heard from you both for a while. I hope all is great with you too!