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Friday, Jun. 02, 2006, 3:38 p.m.: ...wow

...and they're @ it again. My parents think we're getting fucked over in our condo deal. 'We don't know what we're doing and our agent is a scum bag.' They're meddling where they don't belong basically. They don't even know how much research we've been doing in this whole process. Now, my Dad is trying to delay my whole financing of the property to suit their fucking opinions. I have an RRSP here and I'm going to be taking $ out in order to put down on the place. He's being a stickler a/b it and wont start the issuing process [he's the agent for my RRSP] b/c I wont be signing the official papers until tonight. Can you believe that shit?! In a few hours I will have signed my life away and he's being tight a/b it. He was suppose to lend me a $5000 certified chq too, to hold the place, and fucked off on that all of a sudden. As soon as he started talking to my Mom, the whole story changed. As far as I'm concerned, this manipulation is beyond forgiveable. I cannot understand HOW they think they can get away with this shit....STILL. I'm a/b to lose my cool here. We WILL get the $$, one way or another, I'm not concerned over that. The disgust tho, that I'm left with, over this behavior is another thing.

...and the beat goes on.