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Friday, Jun. 02, 2006, 10:01 a.m.: new place...

It looks like we will be buying our own place, within a week or so. The offer has been accepted and we're just waiting on a signature from the wife. The couple that lived in the place before, is splitting up. I told K we will have to give the place a good cleanse. I don't want that bad history floating around in there. This is why I so wanted a NEW place. Unfortunately, a new place is too expensive for us. This one is perfect and I love it. It's a condo highrise built by a Japanese builder so it's very asian in it's lay-out/decor/etc. I love it...alot! It's got marble floors [in the kitchen & front hall], granite counter tops [in the kitchen], and hardwood floors [thru the rest of the place]. It has a main bedroom, a computer room [closed off in pure windows], a kitchen bar, and a gorgeous washroom. It's very clean looking, which I really appreciate. The ceilings are higher than normal too, which gives the place the appearance of being bigger and wider and full of H20. I don't like to feel constricted and this place is great for air flow and such.

I'm excited to be getting a place of our own. The thought of throwing away $ every month, with no return, was starting to get to me. Plus I hated that we couldn't do much to the place as far as decorating went. The walls HAD to stay white and we skimped on pics and things to go on the walls. We find out tonight if she's signing the papers or not...she's the only thing we're waiting on.

Some of the stuff we have will have to go into storage tho, until we can afford a bigger place to hold it all. I don't want to clutter this new space, with more than we can handle. So for one, the kitchen table is going...for now. We purchased a flat screen lcd tv, with some of the wedding money [gift certificates] we got, so we can get rid of the bulky one we have right now...and the stand it has to sit on.

I bought these platform gold sandals, with colord jewels up the front of them. I'm wearing them for the first time today and my feet keep sliding in them. It sucks to walk in these things!! I think I'm going to have to buy an insole and stick it in so that I have more grip. Damn shoes! Speaking of shoes, that's another thing this place has. Great closet space...the most we've seen so far. I need ALOT of it, to hold all of my foot accessories and have some left over for K to have too.