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Thursday, May. 11, 2006, 4:32 p.m.: doom...

Today the weather is gloom and doom. I swear I almost fell asleep driving to work this morning b/c it literally felt like night time. It's been doing funny shit to my computer too. My printer is possessed and my screens aren't moving/changing/doing what I want them to fast enough. Our weather has been GREAT for this time of year. I guess on that note, I shouldn't complain. Still sucks tho!

I found out that I FAILED accounting this term. I passed Info Technology with a B. Asshole teacher gave me 90% on my research paper which made up for any rough tests I had written. I say 'asshole' b/c he really was an ass. He did the whole 'no food or drink in class' thing and was on a constant power trip. He made me ill. I use to ask him time and time again, when we were in lab, how to do something on the computer [how to log on, etc] and he'd always shrug his shoulders @ me and go...'don't know, never done it before'. Then @ the final exam, I thought I screwed up trying to log in, and this time when I asked him if I did something wrong, he came right over and did the whole log-in process for me. I was shocked. I still think he's an ass tho...lol. I think I wrote in here how he yelled @ me in class too, one time. I was mortified and felt 8 years old again, like I was being reprimanded in elementary school. Anyways, enough a/b that...that class is done. Now we have to re-take accounting tho. I say 'we' b/c we BOTH bombmed that class. We're gonna go chk out our exams sometime next week, to see what the hell we did wrong. I hate numbers!!!!

Have a great night everyone!!