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Tuesday, May. 09, 2006, 12:13 p.m.: post-wedding...

Married life is, well...the same as before. I suppose the fact that we lived together for a year, before 'tying the knot', had a little to do with that fact. I'm still completely ecstatic to be calling K, my husband. It's a bit surreal @ first, saying those words, but you get use to it quickly. I found the whole 'my fiance' thing was weird but this settles on the tongue much smoother. Tonight, we're meeting @ the bank to open a joint account. In it will be any savings we have, to eventually go towards a down payment for our own place, or our future honeymoon. After all the expenses, I figured it would be better if we waited until next year to go on our honeymoon. So, on our 1 year anniversary we will take out official 2 weeks off...in celebration of our marriage and our 1 year together. Good idea huh?!

The wedding was spectacular. It was all we wanted and our planning totally paid off. I was trying so hard to stay calm and relaxed but my exterior was a total facade for what was happening underneathe. In the morning, as I was getting my hair done, everytime I would laugh this huge vein would pop out on my forehead. I was like, 'woah something major is simmering under there!'. It was chaotic, to say the least, when we got to the venue. We weren't in a typical hall where they took care of everything for us. Being the 2 people we are, we NEED to have a handle on almost everything and we literally co-ordinated more than 10 vendors to come and do something on that day. I loved it tho!! For one of the performer's we had a belly dancer husband and wife duo [friend's of ours] and people loved them. I loved them...I thought they really brought the spirit of the night up. We tried to keep it pretty formal but fun. The only thing I regret is that we didn't have much dancning time. With everything we scheduled thru-out the night, it was hard to get a good amount fo time in there to really just let loose and dance. We had to be off the premises by 1am, which sucked a bit. My speech made me cry, the moment I started talking to K in it. I pre-wrote it, and read it directly from my paper. K, pre-planned his in his head and then just winged it. People were crying when I spoke and laughing when he did. He did a great job in eleviating the tension, and making everyone laugh, when they wanted to cry. Satisfied and many bills later, the night was over. We spent the week on a mini-honeymoon in the city, just by ourselves. We did alot of partying with family visiting from over-seas and stuff like that. I had a blast. The show is making our wedding video for us, so we'll be able to replay the night in full. If I had more time, I'd do a whole re-cap of the evening in here, but now is not the time. Maybe I'll do it another day.

Woo Hoo!!!