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Thursday, Jul. 21, 2005, 1:02 p.m.: $1500 shy...

Holy shit!! I haven't written in almost a month!!! I find myself bogged down with so much stuff to do that coming to write in my diary has been left behind, obviously. Life just passes by so fast these days. My micro-economics class is almost over already. I had my test yesterday and I think we bombed it badly. Our final is in two weeks and it's going to be worth 75% for us. We missed the first test so the % is tacked onto the final, which makes is easier for us, in a sense. I find it so tedious to study this shit tho...it drives me crazy. It wasn't the best of ideas to take a fast-track course for one of the dryest subjects known to man. What a head-ache!!

Other than that, we've been getting ready for our trip to Vegas and starting our new biz. My girlfriend, K, and I started our own hand-made jewelry biz. We've already sold $115 worth of stuff but we're going to look into the street vendor permits and stuff for the summer. We figure there's no point setting us up in a mall when it's so f-in beautiful outside. We're only 3 weeks old right now and we're going to have to hussle to get this thing started but we're going to give it a go. Eventually we want to buy a little store somewhere for us to set-up, but right now we're focusing on the creative aspect of the biz. I'm figuring out which pieces will sell better and what people really want, first. So now I've got another thing on my plate, along with the acting. I just find that if I dedicate all my time and energy to the acting biz I lose out on the beauty of life. And that's what ultimately helps me as an actor in the end. I guess it's just one of those funny paradoxes/ironies. I could probably explain it in terms of micro-economics and marginal utility if I tried but I'd like to NOT think a/b that shite for now. It's driving me CRAZY!!!!!

This past Sunday [I know that's like 5 days ago] we had our fundraiser for the breast cancer walk. S, K, and I set up our little table outside of my girlfriend's salon and sold to the people walking by. Of course, with our luck, it rained that day so we didn't get passerby's who actually wanted to stop. By 3.30pm it cleared up and by 6pm we were done. The girls inside the salon raised almost $600 tho and all that $ will be donated for cancer research. We made $85 but couldn't give anything to donate b/c we had to worry a/b covering our cost first. We've got until September to raise the reamining amount. I'm shy $1500, but I still think I'll make it. S and I will probably have to do another fundraiser again.

Tonight, K's cousin is in town. He's probably going to drop by for a visit with us. I'm going to be all sweaty and nasty from the gym but he'll just have to deal with it. K's got lots of food, from the catering job, in the fridge so he'll be well fed @ least. It's Friday again tomorrow and I can't wait. My little sis is coming back from camp on Sunday...I can't wait to see her. She's sent us 2 post-cards already, you can tell she misses home. I don't remember if I missed home when I went to camp. Probably not, I was too busy creating a ruccous [sp] making everyone think I was a satanist. Amateurs!