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Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2005, 2:39 p.m.: here comes the rain...

My play is finally over and done with. Not that I didn't enjoy doing it, but it was beginning to become very tedious. My part wasn't that big, in comparison to everyone else's, so I found myself not rehearsing as much as I would have liked to. And even then, rehearsing the same 3 small scenes over and over would have seemed tedious as well. It just wasn't creative enough for me. My character was funny...she was meant to be the comedic factor in the play. It didn't take much of a stretch in performance for me, altho all my friend's claimed that they didn't even recognize me up on stage. That's a good thing. That my mannerisms and actions were so far from myself that they forgot it was me up there. @ least I did my part in the production. The fact that K and I would always come late for rehearsal didn't help either. We began to build this invisible bridge between ourselves and the other actors. Of course, he being a male and most of the cast [including the playwright/director] being female still kissed his ass...ALOT. So much so, actually, that I even had to confront the director a/b her comments towards him and how they were making us uncomfortable. My initial reaction was to just fume inside and try not to cause tension within the group. That tho, in turn, was causing tension between K and me. We were fighting like crazy b/c I had all this pent up anger inside that I hadn't let go of... and so ensued the confrontation. He was suppose to come with me too, to 'talk' with her, but I wanted to corner her myself first, without K doing all the talking. He's a very dominant personality and she would have automatcally listened to him first instead of me...and I needed to be heard more than he did. It was funny tho, b/c we found ourselves dodging physical contact from any other cast members and basically isolating ourselves. We're both the type that like to seclude ourselves, from the rest of the cast on shoots etc, but the added effect of avoiding hugs or touches from other people was definately an added. We came across as VERY detached. By the end, I think everyone was pretty annoyed with us. Forget the fact that I read lines, almost every rehearsal, while my scenes were over-looked OR that we drove this one cast member [who didn't drive] almost every time OR that we were the first to know all of our lines and that we performed awesome most every show!! I'm not sure if any of that even mattered. Most people like to focus on the negatives; like how we never followed call-time on show nights OR how we'd always leave to get food/drinks b/f the show OR how we didn't stay for the wrap party b/c our friends showed up that night and we wanted to party with them instead. Well it's done now and we're both relieved as shit. We started school again this past Monday, so we do still have alot on our plate. Now tho, we have more time to focus on that and continue to audition on the side. Come August we are planning a trip to Las Vegas/LA/Mexico. It will be our first real trip together and should be a blast. Speaking of blasts, have you been loving this weather or what?!?! It is SO hot!!!!! For all of you who don't have air-conditioning [heartracer] I feel your pain too...it's awful to be in the scorching heat that long un-attended!! But, I do so love this weather immensely. I'm in heaven!!! And now, here comes the rain.