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Tuesday, Jun. 14, 2005, 1:38 p.m.: show...

My play opens this Thursday. I know I'm ready and I know K is ready, but I have reservations a/b one particular cast member. She has been the hardest person to deal with EVER and I knew we were going to have problems as soon as I heard that she was in the cast. I've worked on sets b/f with her and she caused nothing but issues. She's the type of woman who carries drama a/r on her back, like a knap-sack. Is that how you spell it? I've never actually had to spell knap-sack b/f...lol. Anyways, it's been work just to get her to memorize her lines and she still doesn't have them all down properly. Watching her makes me want to pull my hair out!! We have 2 more rehearsal nights and we MUST get it together. Yesterday we were rehearsing until 11.30pm and we only got through the play once. I'm stressed.

In lighter news, I picked up my new car yesterday. I bought a used 2005 Jeep Liberty, in flame red. It use to be a rental, had only 24000kms on it and still carries that yummy new car smell. They took my old car, with it's oil problem and all, credited me the amount and paid off almost all of my left-over loan. I was so happy to have my old car taken off my hands, even though I miss her now, but I love my new car immensely already. It's different from driving a regular car. Traffic, for one, isn't so bad anymore and I love how I'm so high up on the road now. She's got alot of power too. I love it!!! We forgot our garage door opener in my old car and I left a shit load of change in there too. By the time I realized, it was rush hour and it was pouring rain, so we decided to go and get it another day this week.

Hmmmm, other than that, we went wedding ring checking this past weekend. I found the most gorgeous ring and it looks like it's going to be my choice. I may find something I like better but this was so unique and pretty and it looked perfect on my finger. If I go with this one, then K is going to get a more masculine version custom made for himself. I've already pictured it in my head. Other than that, we watched the Star Wars 1 and 2 this weekend, so we're all geared up for 3's Revenge of the Sith. This weekend, K's parents are coming down to see our play. We may slip in a movie on the Sunday, for Father's Day, with them too. They're also meeting with my parents for lunch on the Saturday b/f our show. Should be very interesting.