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Thursday, May. 05, 2005, 11:14 a.m.: I ordered a bagel with cheese and NO bacon!!!

Hi all. To re-cap what went on this w/e. We had a pretty good w/e together. Friday night we did the radio show @ our new time, which went over well. K's co-host was back and he had to do the show with her again...he was not impressed. She lacks tact and she has no real experience so she ends up just compromising his show's direction. He decided to cut her, so this Friday she wont be there anymore. I have no complaints...I like it better when he's the only one on. I didn't like talking to her when I did my segement. There was no dynamic there and it ruined the fun I have with K on air. So she's gone and I'm happy.

Saturday we got up and went to do some adr for the movie I shot year. The one where we met. It took no time @ all and then we went to a job interview for K. He's trying to get a job @ this new hotel/condo that's opening up this June. After that, we went to eat our favorite breakfast @ Golden Griddle. Omlette, fries, turkey bacon, butter and toast...SOOOO good. We had a dinner party that night. My girlfriend was coming over so we went home and rested a bit b/f starting to cook. I was really tired, for some reason, and I decided to take a nap. When I woke up, I still felt groggy so K started the dinner for us. She came by @ a/r 7pm and we ate and then played CLUE for the rest of the night. We had stopped in @ the mall and bought two board games for really cheap. Monopoly and Clue [which is my personal fave]. She had also brought wine over, so I started drinking with dinner and didn't stop until she left. I finished off a bottle of wine to myself and was flying by the time we were done. I don't know how I got from one place to another but I scraped my finger on the bed really bad b/f we made love. Don't know what I was doing...or thinking?! My finger is still is disarray right now but it's on it's way to getting better. The next day was terrible. We both had rehearsal @ 10am, but when I woke up I was NOT in the best shape @ all. I was so dizzy, my stomach felt like I was on a roller-coaster, and I was throwing up. I told K to just go to rehearsal and leave me @ home to die alone, but he wouldn't have it. He was feeling a little weird too, so he told me that he was going to cancel rehearsal and stay home with me. We decided to drive over to show the director the state we were in and then to tell her we couldn't stay, so we did. As soon as she saw me all buckled over, and white as a ghost, she told us to go home and get some rest. We went home and slept all day long. I SO needed to rest. That night we had a dinner to go to, @ my aunts place, so we wanted to be feeling better for that. We did make it over to their place for dinner [where we played Clue] and then I decided to take Monday off. I wanted to make sure that I was feeling okay...especially b/c we were starting school Monday night as well. We've become Clue addicts tho. You have to play with @ least 3 players, so we're going to be nabbing one person here and there to come and join in the cult classic. It's so fun for us, that you'd think there was something lacking in our lives...haha.

Sunday night, and into Monday, I regained all my energy and we had a 24hr sex-a-thon. Again, I SO needed it. We had to be @ class for 6.30pm so we drove to the school, only to find our that the registrar chick had mistakenly put us in a class that started June 22nd. I was fucking livid @ first!!! Then I calmed down and figured it was probably better that we take a break and just focus on the play, instead of trying to cram a class into the mix. So now, instead of having 3 courses complete by the end of summer, we'll only have 2, but we'll be much less stressed...which is good.

So, the sun is finallyout today. The hail had stopped. Yes, you heard me right, it fucking hailed [almost snowed] on the weekend. And the forecast for the w/e is gorgeous. Sunday is suppose to be 21 degrees or ?? Fairenheit. Ya, I have no idea what it is the one way. Anyways, tonight I have the gym and my schedule is back in order. I got McDonald's breakfast this morning and it was SO yummy. I always order the cheese/bacon/egg bagel w/o the bacon. They messed up and gave me a BLT w/o bacon, as if anyone in their right mind would order lettuce/tomato/mayo on a bagel?!?! I had to drive all the way back to tell them they got it wrong and get my bagel. I was craving that bagel so badly. They gave me my bagel and even threw in an extra hashbrown. Love the hasbrowns from McDonald's! There's nothing like them, but now I have to work them off in the gym...it's worth it tho.