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Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2005, 10:17 a.m.: fine...

What is wrong with diaryland?!?! I wrote an entry yesterday that still wont show up when I go to view my page and it's pissing me off!!! My pics are fucked and now my diary is slowly breaking down. I sent a message off a/b a month ago, when all that drama happened here, and I haven't checked my email yet to see if I got a response. I can't access hotmail from work and I rarely get to a computer, if I'm not here. I'm frustrated with this damn technological shit!!! Anyways.

I had one of the greatest nights with K yesteday. I went to the gym, where the instructor kicked my damn ass HARD, and then I went home. He had already been preparing dinner for me, since he gets home much earlier than I do. His gym is 5 mins away from our building, so it's very convenient and not time consuming like his old one use to be. I got in and washed the dishes while he finished up the cooking. We finally sat down and ate dinner while watching American Idol. Once that was over we had a beautiful 2 hr session and then talked until 11.30pm. We rarely get to just relax like that on a week night so it was pretty amazing. I had alot of energy too, probably b/c of the great spin class. When you are forced to push yourself like that, it really raises your endorphins and keeps you high...as opposed to feeling exhausted. I'm happier too now b/c I feel like I'm back in the work-out groove. My schedules been all fucked and I was getting chinced on my evening work-outs, so it was really throwing me off. Now tho, some things have been re-arranged and I can get back to my regular routine. Friday's our radio show has been pushed to 8pm now, so I can even go and work-out b/f that again too. It's all good again. And as soon as I get back to the grind, I loose all of the extra wieght and become lean again. I have a problem, I get really depressed and fucked up if I feel like I've gained weight. I've been like this ever since I was very little and it still gets me every time. It sucks tho b/c when I try to put on weight b/c I'm getting too thin, I get all weird, so then I end up losing it again...and then I feel I'm too skinny. I need to learn to eat properly for the working out I do. I need a diet that will balance out the weight/cardio program. I'm still trying to attain the japanese anamation pysique...think 'Ghost in the Shell'. Is that even Japanese?! Anyways.

It's our 8 month anniversary today. I'm meeting K after work and we're going to go to our usual anniversary restaurant for dinner. I'm so excited!!! They make the best buns and I can splurge on carbs tonight, without worrying. We also have rehearsal too tho, so it's going to cut into our night a bit...but I'm sure we'll make up for it when we get home, later on. I gave him his card this morning and I also bought him a pack of [8] Mach3 blades for his razor. I don't know what MY gift is yet...I'll find out tonight. I don't even want anything tho...he's enough for me. I also have plans to meet my girlfriend for lunch today. She's going to call me in a bit. AND, the sun is coming out again. Tomorrow it will be back...hopefully. Things are fine.