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Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2005, 9:38 a.m.: true and pure...

It's been a while again. My days have become so busy that I barely have time to write anymore and then sometimes I just don't feel quite up to it. I'm not getting as much rest as I use to. Being with K can be tiring [we stay up late most nights] and I just don't have the energy to write some days. Sometimes I just like coming here and reading everyone else's entries instead. Anyways, I'm going to attempt to make this a more frequent habit tho..the writing of an entry, that is.

I've been out auditioning again, but they're all for jobs that are low-paying and not worth my time. I need to find a way to get called in for union jobs. My agent doesn't seem to have the reputation that casting directors can trust. She hasn't been a/r long enough to have that 'pull' with the people that make things happen. I'm going to start looking for another agent this summer. I'm in this play, that goes up in June and I think I'm going to do some mail-outs soon after. The director plans to take this play and perform it in many different venues, so this June's performace will not be the last, which is really cool for me and K. This means that we can do agent mail-outs even afterwards and get agents/casting directors to come out and see us. We went to chk out the theatre, this Saturday night, and it's the cutest thing. It's a cabaret style theatre and it holds a/b 60 people...very inimate. The only thing is that it's almost a 45 min drive from my parents place and that's going to SUCK for those who are coming from out of the city. No agent is going to drive ALL that way to see some actor they don't even know. So anyways, it's a bonus that we'll be able to do another run closer to civilization. That's another thing a/b this place. It's in an old little town that I swear is fucking haunted...it was so creepy and eerie just walking from the parking lot to the theatre the other night!!!! I have good feelings a/b where this play will go tho.

Other than that, things are good right now for me. I'm happy, I'm healthy, I'm growing emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. I am in a very good place right now personally. My career has not taken off the way I had hoped it would by now, but time is of the essence...it is all unfolding b/f my eyes and I have faith that my dreams will be reached. LA is still in our plan, even tho we haven't discussed it lately. Our plans are to get married in July 2006 and we figure we should be here, in town for that, since our families are suppose to be the important guests @ our wedding. I think we will go after that, that's my prediction. This July we will have to start planning the whole thing and we haven't thought a/b it @ all. Although we did see this beautiful church, on our way to the theatre Saturday night. It's in the middle of nowhere but it's gorgeous, so K's going to call to see if we can get married there.

It seems like everyone is getting engaged and married a/r me. It must be the age I'm @ right now, but it's the funniest thing, b/c just @ the gym alone there's like 6 or 7 girls with engagement rings on their fingers. I just found out yesterday that this friend of mine [from the gym] just got engaged too. She and her boyfriend come together all the time, they just bought a house a little while ago and I hadn't seen her in a/b two weeks. Low and behold, I see her yesterday and I find a ring on her finger. She's Persian too so we had an instant bond just b/c of that. So many weddings are going to be happening @ a/r the same time! It's exciting! I just don't want to get caught up in the hype of all of it and forget what it's really all a/b. I still haven't decided whether I want to have a small thing or a big traditional wedding. These are the things I'm going to have to think a/b soon. What's most important tho is that I don't loose sight of the fact that this is a/b a beautiful union between two people who love each other beyond belief. It's NOT a/b the show or a/b who has a better wedding [or ring] than the other. It's a/b true pure love between K and I.