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Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2005, 11:21 a.m.: long over-due...

It's been a while since I've written. I took most of the week of last week, b/c I had an exam to write and I wanted to get ample study-time in. It went really well, I must say. Only problem was when we got to the school K opened the driver-side door and this woman on a bike ran into us. Ya, not cool!! She was crossing to get out of traffic and was in his blind-spot, exactly as he checked the mirror b/f opening the door. BAM!! The bitch fell over and started crying her eyes out. It was on older woman and she rightfully thought she had broken something, but when the paramedics came they said it was only a sprain. Now, you must all think I'm a horrible person for calling this innocent woman names but she deserves it. You know, people change the minute they find out that they can screw over the system in some way. All of a sudden nobody cares a/b anybody anymore. Now when she fell over, K jumped out of the car and ran over to her. She was scared and he held her hand the whole time until the emergency people came. Rightfully so, of course, but someone else may not have been so attentive. When she talked to the paramedics she even told them that she had come in on an angle, to avoid traffic. She basically admitted that she was partly [if not totally] @ fault. NOW she calls my insurance company and starts telling a whole different story. Now SHE was doing EVERYTHING properly and HE was the incompetent driver. The woman, who has only a sprained muscle, wants to milk the insurance companies for all she can...and she can, believe me! Like WTF?!?! Anyways, what's done is done and there's nothing we can do a/b it. Apparently there's a tape tho, showing what happened, so maybe that will help a little. So while all this is happening our exam is going on...by the end of it, we managed to get to our exam only an hour late. The traffic cop, who came to take the report, told us he'd just mail the copy for us so we could go and write our exam. We finished it in time, despite the fact that all that drama had happened. I think we did awesome too. I fucking knew almost all of it. I'm pretty sure I even aced all of the essay questions. I'll find out in 1.5 weeks. We're starting our next class in May. It's only a month long b/c we'll be going twice a week but, it's accounting, which I think will be very b-o-r-i-n-g. Oh well...gotta do it!!

We got a call from our landlord last night. It seems that the neighbors have been complaining that we're too loud. When we argue, I scream @ the top of my lungs so we sound horrible I'm sure. He doesn't yell unless it gets really heated but I fucking freak. Anyways, people are complaining, so we told the landlord that b/c we're actors, when we practise, some of our scenes are very emotional and that's what makes the noise. K told him that we wont practise in the condo anymore so that we don't bother people, but what that really means is that I will have to learn to control my damn temper. I turn into a demon when I'm mad and K asks me so many questions that it frustrates me even more. He doesn't have bad intentions he just wants to know that our realtionship is on the right track but he sometimes goes over-board, which drives me completely nuts. I've never been good @ discussing emotions, in a civil way, so I am easily irked. I'm working on it tho...this is a learning experience, definately. I just hope we don't get kicked out of our place!! That would be bad.

I had an audition last week. First one in a long time and it was for a host position, for some scary ghost show. Tomorrow I have another host position audition to go to, but I've got to practise my lines still. Tonight we have rehearsals for the play but I'm going to go to the gym first...gotta get my work-out in. With summer almost here again, it's time to make sure my ass is in ip-top fucking shape..haha...well, it's always in 'fucking' shape but you know what I mean.