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Monday, Apr. 04, 2005, 11:57 a.m.: cry...

It's such a beautiful day today!! OMG!!! Not quite as warm as it could be, but lovely none-the-less. I'm doing a walk for breast cancer. I signed up with some of my girlfriends. We have to each rasie $2000 by September so that we can do the walk. It's a 60km walk that will take 2 days. It's a HUGE event and they do it every year. Friday night there's an openig ceremony, where we hear from various breast cancer survivors. Then we all go home and have to up and ready to walk by 7am the next day. They're going to have an area where we can all camp out, if we choose to, that way we can feel more involved in the experience. I went to the orientation for it and was so muved by the video they showed. It's amazing to see so many people banding together to support such a serious 'cause. The love is just over-whelming, it jumped out @ me. I can only imagine how the whole thing will pan out that weekend. I'm going to be a basket-case, I'm so sensitive and emotional. I'm looking forward to it. It's weird tho, I've been trying to raise some money already and it's surprising some of the responses you get. One guy, that I totally thought would flake, donated a nice chunk to the 'cause...and then there's others, who you think would be right in there, who don't even respond. Anyways, who am I to judge really, but when you have people sending you religious emails left-right and centre and then when THEY get the chance to REALLY make a difference they bail, you start to wonder. Ya so, if anyone who's reading would like to donate [anything really, every little bit helps] just drop me a note, or something, and I'll hook you up, so that you can help me [and so many others] out.

The weekend is over once again. We been in our new place for a month now. It's still a mess and we STILL have boxes sprawled everywhere. We just don't have enough storage space for all of our stuff. We just clued in to the fact that we have a locker that we can store some of our junk in. There's things we have that there's will never be any room in there to place. Framed pictures, Madonna memorabillia, suit-cases, shit! We have quite a few books so we decided to buy a book shelf for ourselves. So that and an armoir and we will be set. We made our own night tables the other day. Well, he made them, I bought the materials tho. We went out and got slabs of wood, nailes, and paint and he made us 2 pillars that we can put on each side of our bed. $30 a piece for them and they're so nice. He did a really good job with them. He finished painting the second one this morning, while I was getting ready for work. By tonight they'll both be ready to put in place, which means that our bedroom is complete. Woo Hoo!!

Tonight, I've got plans to meet up with a girlfriend of mine. I'm going to go to they gym and then she's going to cook for us both. She's on some new diet, so she wants to just make me what SHE eats so that we don't have to go out and eat nasty food. I can't blame her and I'm all up for it...I just hope it's not disgusting tasting. She says it's tasty but everyone's tastes differ, so who knows. I'll let you know how it turns out. Oh and one more thing, how come I still can't see my pics?!?!?! I'm gonna cry man!!!