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Thursday, Mar. 31, 2005, 3:27 p.m.: worth...

Oh boy, oh boy. What a long weekend? I absolutely LOVE having 4 days off. I think our work weeks should get cut down to 3 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only...and no deduction in pay. I got a .50 cent raise today. I found out, @ our weekly meeting, and it couldn't have come @ a more perfect time. Any extra cash comes in very handy now-a-days. Moving out has proven to be expensive but not unmanageable. I tend to budget and balance my books MUCH better when I have deadlines and responsibilities. If I have no restrictions I always let the funds go WAY too quickly and I'm always over-drawn. @ least I know when to shape up tho, right? @ the same time, I love to purchase little things here and there for our place...to spice it up. Clothes for me have taken a back seat for a bit. When I was cleaning out my closet, for the move, I had SO much stuff that I packed into 3 garbage bags and gave away to the needy. Really, it was crazy! It's good that the clothes were put to good use but seriously, it made me realize that I should chill on the purchases. I've decided to mix and match my current stuff and save $$. This is not to say that I will never buy anything else, I'm just trying to be thrifty. I did splurge and buy myself a cute GUESS purse for the summer tho recently. I even got 15% off it b/c a string was loose. It's really hot...perfect for summer. Ahh yes, I still reside on the dark-side people.

So it was Easter weekend and I broght K over to celebrate with my side of the family this time. It turned out really good. It was the first time anyone had seen us together since we dropped the big news a/b the marriage or us moving in together. We were both welcomed with open arms. My Dad and K even bonded some more with several games of chess. My Dad LOVES chess but has nobody to play against who is enough of a challenge, so he had a blast with K...who gave him a hard fight. @ the end of all the 'festivities' my Mom packed us up all the left-overs so we could take them home to eat. We haven't had to do grocery shopping this whole week b/c of that. Today she told me that she has more food she can give us. She's got frozen left-overs from xmas in the big freezer in the basement. Don't know how good the food will taste, but considering it's been 'frozen' since xmas...it can't be bad. K may object b/c he has a problem with food being in a fridge for too long. He's very picky with expiree [how the hell do you spell that?] dates and I'm much more lenient with them. He wont even eat apples if they've been in the fridge for a week!! As long as something is in the fridge, for me, I consider it fair game. Anyways, lovely lovely. We've had a great passed two weeks. @ the same time we've had some pretty intense disagreements but nobody said this was easy...and nothing worth it ever is.