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Monday, May. 16, 2005, 1:44 p.m.: lovin' it...

Hey! I'm back and @ the request of 'un-excuse-me', I will update. *wink wink* So, it's been crazy. The weeks just fly by, seriously. I've been totally busy with rehearsal's for the play I'm in with K. I actually got another role in it. For the first half, I play a 'bimbo' blonde and for the second half I play a 'butch' producer...for the tak-show segement. Two totally opposite characters, which is cool, but now I don't get to sit in the audience and watch the rest of the show after I'm done.

A friend of mine just emailed me and told me she had a 3-some with her boyfriend and her best-friend. I wasn't surprised. I got the vibe from both of them when I was over @ their place one time last summer. I even got a premonition a/b it...I remember. Then she emailed me the next day and told me she had a dream a/b me riding in the front seat with her boyfriend and she was in the back and we were kissing. @ that point I was like woah, I am NOT having sex with my best friend's little sister and her slimy man!! I never liked him very much...there's just something a/b him that rubs me the wrong way...FIGURATIVELY speaking of course. You know, I use to think I would be okay with sharing my man, but now I could NEVER share K. And it's not just a possessive thing either. It's that AND the fact that I think he should be faithful to me mind, body and soul...as I am to him. What's the point of being in a committed relationship when you're not committed...it's a contradiction! But whatever, to each his own, is what I say. I was contemplating if I should invite them over for dinner or not but now I wont for sure...it would be weird for me. We are just so very different from them. I don't see us having anything in common enough to really get along, for more than a quick chat. He gives me the creeps...he always has. She and I use to have alot of the same views but I get the impression that I'm now on a different level than her. OMG...her sister would FREAK OUT if she knew...which is why I will never tell her. It's weird to be in the middle of two sisters like this!

Oh, we finally bought our 2 dressers and book case to finish off the decoration of our place. We will soon have NO more boxes sprawled all over the floor and I am so fucking happy a/b it, you have no idea!! K put one of the dresers together already and we're going to work on the others tomorrow. They were so cheap too. We spent less than $300 on all three together [@ IKEA], which is amazing!! I'm using mine already...it has three drawers. Once his is together I'm going to get in there and grab a fourth drawer too, if he can manage with 2. I just have so much stuff!! He's cool tho and he doesn't mind my taking over the closet space and everything else in sight...lol.

We got into a few scraps this weekend. We had one of my girlfriend's over for dinner Saturday night and after we played some board games. First it was CLUE and then we pulled out Monopoly. THAT got intense! K was cleaning us all out...one by one everyone was falling and I was the last player left against him. All of a sudden I started to come back and I built hotels on my property and it started to get real serious. By this point it was like 1.30am and we had been playing since 10.30pm. I was tired and testy and so was he. @ one point he started thinking he saw me take $$ fom the bank, that I wasn't, and a fight erupted. I flipped out on him, infront of my girlfriend, and it was not pretty. I held back a little just b/c I didn't want to scare the hell out of her, but it shouldn't have happened @ all. The next day we had rehearsal ALL DAY LONG. When we left, we went home and talked for a while a/b what had happened on Saturday night. We are two very passionate individuals...our sex is amazing and when were good, we're SO good...but when I loose it...OMG. He loses it too but never like I do. There has to be one person who stays balanced @ times like those. It took a while to sort out, but we finally came to a close and an understanding of where we were both coming from. Relationships take work, man! I LOVE IT!!!! Anyways, it's back to work now. I have to step out for a sec to pay a bill @ the bank. Damn thing is 6 days over-due. See ya!!!!