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Friday, Mar. 11, 2005, 10:08 a.m.: SICK...

What the hell is wrong with people?! So the director I was yammering a/b, a few enteries back, gave me another ultimatum. First, I had been away sick all week and he was emailing me for the $ I promised him. I never told him when I would give it to him, just that I would when the funds freed up. I also made him aware that March 1st I was moving into a new place with my fiance. I mean, if he had half a fucking brain he would know that this month is not going to be the best one for me and cash flow, but NO, he's just greedy greedy greedy. So he emails me telling me that he needs to know when I can give him the cash, to which I didn't respond [b/c I was not here]. Then he emails me again saying that I have until March 18th to give him the $, I promised, and that if I don't I'm cut off and that I've wasted so much of his time already, yadda yadda yadda. So I get here yesterday to find these 'final' emails. He also states that I shouldn't contact him directly anymore, that I have to pass the money on to this other guy to give to him, and proceeds to tell me that I can talk to his LAWYER if I don't understand. Now, come the fuck on guy?!?!? Your lawyer?! What kinda shit are you smoking!!! So I replied to him and told him that I could have the cash by April 1st. I also made sure he knew that I was NOT going to sign his contract employing me as a 'marketing assistant'. He had the nerve to mail me out a contract, that I was suppose to sign for him, that had nothing to do with me as an actor. On top of that, he dates the contract in the year 2004, so I had to take a stab @ him with that...b/c come on, if you've got a lawyer, why isn't he checking over you contracts buddy?!?! Ya, so he was not impressed with my email and said ciao. So the saga of that film is over. I am convinced tho that he is taking severe advantage of the other actors and I'm just sick of his fucking childish antics.

Earlier in the week, I had a film to shoot. They were both night shoots and ran from 10pm - 7am Monday and Tuesday. The first night I didn't sleep the whole night. K came with me and we pulled an all-nighter till 9.15am the next day. It would have been fun had I NOT gotten deathly ill b/c of it. We were shooting in an old bowling alley that had like no heat and I caught a chill. Today I'm still feeling the effects of it. The body aches have subsided and I'm getting my energy back, slowly, but my cold is still here in full force. I also have the worst sore throat ever! I hope by tomorrow, it will have all passed.

Oh, we got our mattress in yesterday. It's beautiful!!! I had the best sleep last night. Now we're just waiting for the head/foot-board. Our room is very small tho and the bed gives us almost no room to move, but it's going to look awesome one it's all put together. I still hate that we have boxes all over the place but soon enough that will change. By the end of this month we will be able to have our first house warming party, with like 3 people b/c we can't fit anymore than that in there..haha. Ah, it'll be cool still.