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Monday, Mar. 07, 2005, 1:25 p.m.: back to beautiful...

So things are slowly coming together. This past weekend was great in just getting K and I to re-connect. It wasn't as crazy as it had been last weekend. This time we got to actually relax, ontop of un-packing or packing up and transporting more stuff to our place. I have SO MUCH stuff, it's crazy...seriously. My clothes alone take up all of the closet, in our room, and that's just the ones on the hangers. My shoes fill our front hall closet, which is massive, btw. We had to work it out so that he has the bedroom closet for his shoes b/c mine are just way too many. I like all of my stuff in one place, but I guess I could squeeze a pair of his in there somewhere. We got home Friday to our beautifully steam cleaned carpet. And now that I don't feel like I'm living with bacteria infestation, our sex is back to normal again. The stress of the move and that fact that our place wasn't cleaned properly was really taking it's toll on me. I must have a low tolerance for un-organized clutter. Am I a bit of a control freak, you ask? Yes. Yesterday was HOT. My lower back was killing me, so K started to give me a massage, with me on my stomach. It was a huge turn on for me and it lead to a lovely half hour sex session. Yummy!! We were suppose to be @ this theatre audition and it cut into that a tad, but we managed to make it only 5 mins late. We both read for parts AND we even scored them. So we'll be working together on a play now, which will be very cool for the both of us. We're such nerds, so we like to make it so that we can work together. We make the rules mofos!!!

We scored a tv stand yesterday for $90...already assembled and everything. So we set up the tv and watched Farenheit 9/11, which totally tripped me out. I was not surprised by the picture that the film painted, infact I expected it, but it made the whole capitalist society very evil to me [not that I didn't know that already, but]. It was quite an eye opener. It makes me scared to be alive in a way. It makes me scared to start a family. I wasn't feeling that well, while watching it. I don't know if it was b/c of the movie, or b/c of the incense I was burning, but I had my head on K's lap and he was just stroking my hair. I love when he plays with my hair like that. I had planned to go to bed early, b/c I've got a crazy shoot tonight @ 10.15pm and I knew I'd need the sleep. After the movie, I got up to wash my face, brush my teeth and do all that sort of stuff. When I walked back into the living room, K was sitting on the couch and he looked SO FUCKING HOT. I am relishing in this whole living with him thing. The fact that we are now free to go wherever we want in the place, however we want, is phenomenal. So seeing him there on the couch, looking so good, I got hot [again] and we enjoyed another round b/f I had to go sleep. Now I'm dreading tonight b/c I have to go shoot a film @ 10.15pm that runs until 7am. I will have no sleep all night and have to take tomorrow off, just to re-coup. Then I have to do it all over again Tuesday night. Ya, I'm going to be hurting, badly. I've already had head-aches all weekend and I've been so tired. I feel over-worked and stressed. I need a vacation.

While we managed to get more relaxing in this weekend, we were still out and a/b the whole time. We dedicated the weekend to getting all our accessories and stuff, plates, utensils, things like that. We did a really good job @ finding deals for everything. I even foung my lamp shades for the 2 lamps I got a couple weeks back. They look so cool and they match our place perfectly. It'll be so nice when everything is finally in it's right place and we have no more boxes to worry a/b. I predict in 2 more weeks, we'll be done. Wanna bet?