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Friday, Mar. 04, 2005, 9:35 a.m.: de-bitch me...

We are in our new place, finally. Wow, this month just flew by!! March 1st, we packed up all the stuff in his 'room' and moved it, one building over, into our new place. Privacy is ours now!!! When we first got there, the landlord hadn't gotten the cleaning lady in yet, so the place was a mess...to put it mildly. We stayed there for 1 night and 1 day and just couldn't take it any longer. We wouldn't even use the washroom and our landlord seemed to not give a shit that we were left to live in that mess. We decided to just phone for a miad ourselves and just give him the bill. So yesterday 'Natasha' came over to give the place a wash down. Today we've got some carpet cleaner coming in to steam clean the carpets. They looked fine, but I couldn't stand to think a/b what might be locked deep inside them. The landlord was pretty cool with both the carpet cleaning and the general scrub down of the place and he's going to re-imburse use what we've paid so far. So by tonight, everything will be ready for un-packing!!

It's been a hectic week. We picked out almost all of our furniture, the only thing left to get is our bed and a dresser. The shit thing is that our bedroom is too small to fit anything more than the queen bed we want. So we have to sort of work a/r that issue right now. We plan to get a dresser [b/c we have so many clothes between the two of us] and put it in the main room somewhere. It's our place...we can do what we want, right?! Wednesday they delivered our sofa and our dinette set, but we're missing the glass top and also our coffee table/side table thingies. Today K is going to get our bed, dresser and the tv stand. It's going to look amazing once we've got everything put together. The finishing touches will be the rest of the accessories, like mirrors and stuff like that.

Wednesday I also had my mid-term to write @ school. It was tough getting in all the studying while we were in the process of moving, but we did the best we could. I should have started studying earlier but I think I did well on the test. I hope I did! The thing I realized tho, is that after studying for an insurance exam, from hell, this stuff is really a piece of cake. All you gotta do is review, review, review. I have a new game plan, as far as studying for school goes, now.

I am so tired. I just want to sleep right now but I can't. I can't until I get home @ like 9pm tonight. It will be so nice when I can have my bed to just flop down on after my long work days, or when all our shit is in place. That wont be for probably another month, but it will get there. Last night we had our first session in the new place. I was still a bit weird a/b having sex in that mess, but with the chemical smell of cleaning detergent it stopped most of my worries. It's been tough to fit sex into the schedule lately with us both being so busy. It sucks, and it makes me really bitchy.