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Friday, Feb. 25, 2005, 4:08 p.m.: Antigone..

Well, the lunch with my Mother didn't go half as bad as I expected it to. It went amazingly well, actually. She threw in her comments, right in the beginning, when I told her a/b this client @ work. She got all bright eyed when she found out that he had $$ and tried to entice me to 'leave my options open'. I didn't freak @ that point, instead I told her [quite harshly] that 'I don't give a fuck if he's loaded I'm NOT interested'. A/f that it was hard for her to get into the subject of me and K. She felt all awkward and I used that time as an opportunity to set the stage for what I had to say in regards to my life, my choices, and my fiance. I even told her a/b the part I had gotten in the play, Antigone, and I went on to describe the Greek tragedy to her [when she asked]. It was a perfect set-up for me, young fiesty girl defying the King's 'rules' to not allow a proper burial for her brother, b/c he defied him. Antigone, disagrees with this 'rule' and instead honors her brother with a secret burial b/c she believes it's right and just. In the end she's punished and sentenced to death, but the King is also punished b/c the Gods have their own rule [that he defied] that says everyone must be given a proper burial so that they can pass into the after-life. So, b/c the King ignored this, and believed himself to be above God, he was cursed. His son, who was to marry Antigone, finds her dead and kills himself and then the King's wife kills herself when she finds her son dead. Ya, tragic or what?! Also a great parrallel to my own story of my apparent defiance towards the church or my parents. So we had a really good convo tho. It was strange b/c I found myself talking to her as if she were my friend. I was candid and honest and completely open with her. When she finally asked me a/b me and K, I went into detail with her. I told her my views on our marriage and @ one point it led into my telling her how special K was to me. It got to the point where I started to get all emotional and my eyes started to well up. She noticed and as I turned away from her she did the same to me. Ya we aren't that good @ emotional stuff the two of us together. All in all tho, we bonded. My Mother and I bonded, which is the weirdest thing I could ever have imagined. She couldn't argue with anything I said to her and infact I believe she felt what I was telling her. She left today to go on a weekend trip for some political thing...she went as a delegate or something. But, how werid huh?!