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Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2005, 10:05 a.m.: still alive...

So I'm still alive, and surviving. After the weekend of feeling like complete shit, I decided to just let it go. Monday morning was terrible, I started crying and couldn't even have sex with my fiance! On top of that it was Valentine's Day and he was planning a night out for us. I made the choice that day, @ work, not to let the whole parent situation effect me anymore. So once work was done, I drove straight to K and met him @ the mall. From there we went to open my present which consisted of, the Green Day cd, a box of chocolates, and a beautiful silver ring with purple stones in it. I hadn't gotten a chance to get him anything so I told him to expect his gift @ a later date, when he wasn't expecting it really. Fuck, it's tough to get out and to a store sometimes when I'm always running here and there. I'm thinking that tonight I can grab him something @ some point, b/f class and if not tonight then I'll do it tomorrow. After the gift he took me to the Bata Shoe Museum, since he knows I have a serious shoe fetish. For $15/each we both got free henna on our hands, 5 free glasses of wine [that all went to me b/c he doesn't drink] and a trip a/r the museum. We had so much fun there and I even saw shoes that were worn by Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe and Fred Astaire, to name a few!! Once we had had our fill of there we drove to my favorite Persian restaurant by our place. They make the best kebob that I've tried anywhere so far, and they always have freshly baked pita to go with it. It's a small place with a beautiful decor, all in golds and sandy colors, and dark mohoghany wood. I'm always over excited to be going there. I was so full tho for some reason and could hardly get any of my food down, so I still have left-overs today to eat...yum for me. After dinner we headed back to our place and had one of the hottest making love/fucking/sex sessions. We were like rabid animals together, and even tho it only lasted 1 hr we managed so many different scenarios/positions, all in one. On top of it all, I got to sleep with him, on his chest, in his bed and not worry a/b anything. Happy Valentine's Day to us.

Wanna hear the story of Valentine's Day? Some guy name St. Valentine [well he wasn't named that till after hs death, but still] illegaly use to marry people back in the day. I'm not sure why it was illegal, I forget that part, but it was. Anyways, he was eventually caught and brought to the King, @ the time, who sentenced him to death on the 14th of February... and that's whay we have V-day today. Kinda morbid huh? I thought that story was pretty cool! Sorry I'm missing some of the facts but I'm sure if you look it up, you'll find the whole story, told better than I did.

Oh, I went to my Antigone play reading yesterday. I was chosen for the part of the chorus, which has been transcribed into the part of the reporter, for modern day usage. It was interesting, b/c alot of the cast is blind, to some degree. Some are worse than others but there is only a/b 3 cast members and the director that are actually fully seeing. I'm still in decisions as to whether I should take the part or not. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm uncomfortable with the cast, b/c I feel very comfortable, but the rehearsal schedule is going to be like 3 days/nights a week until April. I'm worried that with that sort of schedule, and my school, work and the gym, I'm not going to have time to fit everything in. I have to think a/b this. Our next rehearsal is this coming Friday and I have my radio show, so I'm going to be late for the rehearsal already. It's probably best if I decided b/f then.

To close it off today, everything is ready for us and our place. Thursday we are meeting with the guy to sign the contract, give him his first/last months chqs, and 10 post-dated chqs for every other month in the year. Come March 1st, I'll be living with my future husband and we'll be starting our own life together. Lovely and refreashing.