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Thursday, Feb. 17, 2005, 12:14 p.m.: drama queens...

Can we say freak?!?! I can be such a freak of fucking nature sometimes. I have a very short temper @ times, and if something gets me wound up enough...I just burst. Yesterday I exploded, but I exploded on K and it was NOT a pretty sight. He questioned me a/b some guy in our class and, after I explained to him that I did not find him attractive, he proceeded to question my loyalty to our union. Now, we've gone over, many times b/f, how similar our values are in this relationships...so right away I was set off. I hate being asked the same question twice or especially three times. Anyways, it was ugly and I was really awful to him b/c I just lost my mind...literally. It took me till this morning to come back down to earth and to my rational thinking. I called him up, this morning, and apologized for the way I treated him last night. I was such a bitch...GAWD!!! I so have to work on my argument skills.

In acting news, I have just been banned from any future involvement in a movie I filmed approx a year ago. There has been so much drama surrounding this film, the director has almost lost his sanity over it, I swear. Not only has he forbidden any of his actors to give their opinions a/b his movie, but he's like cut 2 people out already. I was the third to go. There have been some really shitty emails going a/r, that I've pretty much ignored or haven't read yet, but basically he called me up last w/e to see if I could spare $80. The $80, if all the actors put it in, would cover the expenses to pitch the film for the t.o. film festival. I politely wrote him back explaining that I did not have the funds right now, as I'm moving into a new place with my fiance and money is tight. So, he responds to me telling me that until I can come up with the $$ I'm removed from all future involvement on/of [whatever] the film. Now, last I heard an actors job was only to ACT!! When did putting money into his project mean the difference between whether I would stay on board or get kicked off?! I wrote him back telling him how un-professional I thought he was being and told him that b/f I even think a/b handing over $80 [something that's not even part of my job] he has to apologize to me. If he doesn't, well I have someone who will take care of things another way for me. Asshole!!