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Friday, Feb. 11, 2005, 2:00 p.m.: collars and chocolate...

I'm sending 20 packages out to casting directors in the city. Each of them has in it, my head-shot, resume, and my demo reel. I saved 3 copies of the demo so that I can make more. I think my next step will be to send out to agents. If I haven't seen an improvement with my agent and the auditions she sends me to, by the summer, I'm looking elsewhere. My agent gets me out but when I chk what's filming in the city, there are so many things that I don't think I even get seen for...not even by picture. I think that having a higher agent, on the scale, grants you entrance to better auditions, so. Anyways, hopefully this mail-out will do something for me too.

I'm tired again today. I slept @ K's place last night and in the middle of the night, the fucking fire alram went off. This was the loudest most annoying sound I've ever heard in my life, and it just kept going and going and going. I started to wonder if there really was a fire, but I was too tired to even get up and really worry. So that messed up my sleep and then I kept getting up to go pee. I was not happy a/b that. This morning we both woke up @ 6.40am, so that K could go and move my car from the street. Then I made us chicken bacon and we ate strawberries on the bed. I am addicted to chicken bacon, seriously, I reccommend it...for sure! Oh it is so damn yummy! I didn't want to come into work today, but here I am. I can't wait till tonight tho!

Dinner @ his cousin's was nice last night. She's pretty cool and I got to hear some stories a/b K from when he was a little rambunctious boy. I love hearing stories from someone's childhood...it really points to a personality type b/f you're mannered and groomed. It's so fucking adorable! So she liked me and I was happy with how the night turned out. She's got two kids, one is 2 and the other was just 4 months. We were having more fun, playing with the 2 year old, than with his cousin. I told K tho, don't be expecting me to be carrying a baby until I'm done school and I have a degree. It's so much work. I'm not ready for that any time soon.

So, plans for the weekend go like this. Tomorrow we're taking my little sis out for the day again. Breakfast and then shopping and a movie. After that, we're going to go see a girlfriend of mine and her girlfriend for dinner and then we're going out to a club. Sunday is our valentine's fiasco day, so I don't know what's been planned for that yet, but I'm sure it will include collars and chocolates and such.