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Thursday, Feb. 10, 2005, 10:37 a.m.: re-fueled...

So tired. I was so exhausted last night that I could hardly keep my eyes open for class. K was sick, but he insisted on going to class even tho I offerred to skip it with him. So we went and listened to the lecture but left @ the break. He's a machine, he wont stay in and just relax his body, he has to keep up with his 'schedule'. We went to pick up some dinner for both of us, kebob for me and chicken soup for him. We went home, ate our food and watched American Idol. Then we made love. It felt strange b/c his breath was so hot on me that I was heating up really fast, so we had to mix it up a bit. I'm not worried a/b getting sick, I kiss him all the time and come to think a/b it I probably have his cold already...I'm just figting it. I gave him a massage afterwards and then I layed down on his back and kept him warm as he talked to me. I could harldy stay awake on my way home tho. I can't wait until we can just go to sleep together, always. I'm also looking forward to being able to cook together for ourselves, or cook for him when he's feeling bad, and just taking care of him like that. He's going to look @ another place today. It's in the same building that he lives in right now, just on the 27th floor. We're not sure which way it faces, but I'm hoping it faces north/west...I love to see the sunset. It's a great price too but it doesn't have a den, like the other place. It's not that big a deal, we don't plan to stay here that long. We're thinking along the lines of 6mths or so, but eventually when we're married we want to buy a property instead. Right now tho, we don't have to think a/b that stuff. We don't even know where we'll be in the next year.

I packed all my stuff up today. I'm staying over starting tonight, so I've got like 3 bags with me. I even brought my v-day outfit along with me. I got it for xmas from my Mom and I was worried that I would have nowhere to wear it. It's all pink and it's very girly girl, very Audrey Hephburnish. I even had to go out and buy light pink heels just so that I could match something with it. I brought my fishnets along with me, so that I could wear them underneath. Actually the skirt is pink, but covered with this lace/mesh material, but it's brown not black...it's pretty just not that practical for me.

Oh, to update on my audition from yesterday. Well, I was all worried that I was going to go and find that my agent had sent me out to some trash audition, until I saw the script. Even after reading and understanding the script, I was still a little hesitant just b/c I was told to dress like a hooker. When I got there tho, I walked into a studio where people were rehearsing and dancing. There were choreographers and other actors who looked like they had just stepped out of a musical. So now, I'm a little worried b/c it's like this whole dance routine we have to learn and I had on my high heels boots AND it's been ages since I'd been to a dance class. Regardless, I went to go change into my slut gear and came out to watch a group of dancers perform. Finally it was my turn to learn the routine, and I did, and it was easy for me. In the middle of it we had to do a double piorouette and I was rehearsing with only a single b/c of my boots. When I finally got up to do the routine for the camera, I just said fuck it, and went for the double. Easy...I landed it everytime. I had so much fun @ that audition, I didn't want to leave. I hope I get it, but who knows...no guarantees @ these things. All I know, is that EVERYONE was staring @ me, watching me. It could have been my choice of colors. I wore black and red whereas everyone else went more for the dull colors, with fishnets. I stood out hard-core, even my number was the infamous 69. I was so hyper afterwards tho...what a rush it was. @ the end tho, when I went to change back into my street clothes, I accidentally walked in on some guy [in the washroom] taking a shit. Ya, not cool!! LOL!!!!

Anyways, I feel much more energized today. I'm ready for spin tonight! After that K and I have plans to go over to his cousins for dinner. We were suppose to go Sunday night but she had to cancel, so we re-scheduled for tonight. I'll fill you in on that tomorrow. She'd better like me!