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Wednesday, Feb. 09, 2005, 10:12 a.m.: to do...

Thanks so much to heartracer who just made my day, once again. It looks fucking so amazingly awesome!! I don't think I can find enough words to describe how much I love my page now. Whew...ya, I'm a little hyper over this whole fact. Anyways, much love to you girl...always and forever. You're the best!!

Well I have this audition to go to today. It's for a documentary film festival promo and I was told to dress like a hooker. Ya. So I brought these trashy pants that are so tight and all shinny. OMG, they look hideous! My top is actually really cute, but paired with the pants looks totally trashola. The top is a corsett style with leapord print all over it and criss cross bows down the back of it. I'm thinking of swinging by my house b/f tho, to pick up a skirt to wear over the pants. I'm having second thoughts a/b how trashy they look now. I got the script and it's a parody of street life. I'm this hooker who comes into this alleyway and starts singing to all these homeless people, junkies, and other hookers..but I'm singing this really happy song as if life is so grand. It's funny but it's going to be so cheesy. @ one point I even have to break out into dance and then all the people in the alley join me. I don't really have to sing, I'm just lip synching the words...kinda like Britney or Ashley Simpson does...haha.

This morning I got up @ 6am to go and do my weights @ the gym. Last night I got my spin in. I was stuck with the shit teacher tho and was a bit upset a/b that. After the gym I met K @ the mall, we picked up my pants [that I got hemmed] and we ate something in the food court. Then we headed right back to his place for a hot and heavy session. Fuck, I love that guy so much...I just can't get enough of him. He is truly unbelievable...my perfect match. I'm just constantly amazed b/c I always wanted to meet my soul-mate but had started to doubt the whole theory...until him. My poor baby is sick tho. He caught a cold b/c of this crazy weather we've been having and now has to bundle up all warm and cozy to fight it off. I'll have to make him feel all better tonight. It's going to be a long day today, audition @ 12.30pm, read chapter 4 for class @ 6.30pm, sex @ 10pm, then drive home for bed. So much to do, so little time...so true.