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Thursday, Jan. 27, 2005, 1:23 p.m.: sex is good exercise...

You know, this weather sucks big fucking dick!! It is minus 22 today, that's minus 32 with the wind-chill. WTF?! Do we live in Siberia?! Needless to say, I had to bundle myself up like an eskimo today. Yay to JLo for making such warm jackets. I bought this cute little white jacket last year and it is SO damn warm...I love it. Only thing is it doesn't cover my ass and I like to keep my bum warm too on days like this. Oh well, we all must suffer for fashion...it is a must.

So I went for lunch with a grilfriend of mine yesterday, after my audition. Oh and the audition went really well. We had to go in and read with a partner, pretending to be a married couple. The guy that read with me was a tad over-zealous and it showed in his voice. He was trying to project his voice and it came out sounding really fake, but the cd corrected him and it was all good. By the end we were sounding real, like we were suppose to. Anyways, back to my friend. So she's getting married come October. She's been out looking for dresses, she's got the hall booked, the dj, the invitations... everything is almost ready. Her Mom has had reservations since the beginning tho. I always thought it was her Mom trying to ruin her happiness and in a way it is. Even if she claims to be only looking out for her best interest. It has come to my knowledge that WE truly know what is best for us always...it just takes some cutting thru of all the bull-shit. So now, poor girl, I think has fallen prey to her mother's meddling. To the point where now she thinks she's going to call off the wedding and just move in with him for a while first. I'm all for the 'moving in with the guy' first idea, but I seriosuly worry that her Mom is influencing her in a negative way. It's not fair for her Mom to be fucking with her happiness just b/c her marriages didn't work out. Life is a/b living and learing for yourself. I just wrote this huge ass email to K telling him how much I hope and pray that NOBODY but myself can have the power to ever influence my thoughts [a/b what I need] and fuck with my happiness. It's not fair man!! We need to break free!!!!

Tonight is our 5 month anniversary. I've got an audition tonight and that's going to cut our evening down. I mean, it's not that big of a deal consdiering that we ARE going to go to the cottage together this weekend. I'm thinking of going skiing...not down-hill tho b/c I HATE down-hill. I wanna do cross country skiing like a nerd. I hear it's really good exercise!! So is sex, btw!! Ya, that's my excuse for being too chicken shit to ski down the big bad ol' hill.