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Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2005, 11:17 a.m.: days like this...

So, what's the deal?! I think I'm one of the moodiest bitches a/r!! I do have an excuse, that being the fact that the bloody bitch in in town, but still. I'm a crusty crusty woman. The worst part is that sometimes I can take it out on K, the one person I love the most in this world...it doesn't make sense to me. Of course, I guess I've been a total biatch to alot of my family @ times and I don't really notice with them. BUT with K, he's been mostly good to me and he totally doesn't deserve my mood swings. I'm trying tho to chill out, but it's a hard thing to do. Your negative qualities really come back to bite you in the ass. You can never run away from yourself, never. That's a good thing, I guess.

I spent the weekend up north with K. We went to my parents cottage for a little get-away. We even managed to finish the last 2 Star Wars movies, so we're done that trilogy too now. You know, I never knew cooking with your man could be so much fun. I love when we buy groceries and cook meals together. It really is a bonding experience. We got up there Saturday night, so by the time we got into the place it was dinner time. We had bought these frozen crab legs from the store, that we thought would taste good, but they turned out to be really bad...totally lacking in taste. Mind you we decided to boil them again, b/c the preperation said defrost them for 4 hours and we just didn't want to wait. Oh well, we'll never buy that shit again. In the morning I made our famous chicken bacon and hashbrowns and we also made fajitas for the next nights dinner that were so yummy. We had to sleep on this old krikety bed, where the mattress was way too hard. I thought we were going to break it during our sessions, it was making so much noise. And the hard mattress was fucking up our rhythm, so we had to improvise. It was still lots of fun tho and neither of us had to worry a/b making noise, which was a bonus. The shower was pretty cool too! It's a stand-up only and it's enclosed with those square glass blocks, with an opening for the enterance. My Dad built it himself off of this picture that I showed him a while back. It makes a shower that much more romantic. So basically, all in all, it was an amazing time we spent away from the city together. We never got in our cross country skiing b/c we didn't know how to get to the resort. We never mapquested it. We took a walk tho to the beach and I showed him the house on an island in the middle of the lake. He wanted to walk out to it, on the iced and snowed water, but I was NOT up for that. No thanks...I don't want to be possibly swimming in freezing cold water just to see that house close up. Nuh uh!

We managed to chk out a couple more palces too over the weekend. One, in a newer building, was over-priced with not enough room. The other was an older building, with lots of space, but it reminded me of my old place that I lived in with my ex. It felt really cold and just empty, not homey @ all. So we're going to keep looking. There's a place in K's building right now that's renting and the price is REALLY good for us, but we can't seem to get ahold of the landlord. Figures! I want that one tho, so I'm crossing my fingers for it.

Tonight it's back to he gym for some more spin and weights. Then I'm off to another theatre audition. Wish me luck! I still haven't booked any theatre yet, even tho I've been called back for alot of stuff. Call-backs mean nothing tho unless you beat everyone out in the end. I guess I could look @ them like learning experiences, but fuck, I'm so passed that now. I called my agent today to ask her a/b an audition I have tomorrow and she booked me into this session with a local casting director, this Feb 26th. Good timing for me or what huh?! I gotta pay $150 tho, just to get imput from some cd. Hopefully this will mark my face/work in her mind and she'll call me in for the bigger auditions. Want my other arm too?