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Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2005, 9:21 a.m.: 3 more days...

So here's the dealio. I've been thinking and I realized that I should go into this 'friendship' thing with an open mind-see yesterday's post. I mean, what's the point having all these doubts if I'm still talking to her. It doesn't make sense. So, I'm going to really just give her the benefit of the doubt and see what happens. All in all, I care a/b her and we were very close for many years...we deserve this. But if she starts pulling whacked shit on me again, I'm gonna have to cut it. I genuinely want her to have a great life and be happy, but she has to work on herself to be able to make sure she accomplishes that. That's my thought on the matter. I get the feeling that she's @ the beginnings tho to this renewal period...I really do. We will have to see what transpires.

I've gotta leave today for an audition. I got the call last night, as I was leaving the gym. It's for a commercial and the pay is okay. No word on my Friday audition yet and I know I wont be hearing from them either, b/c I'm pretty sure that call-backs were yesterday. After the audition today, I'm going to meet my girlfriend for lunch @ Crazy Sushi. Yummmm. I think my sis may come out too and join us, which will be cool. @ first I wasn't all up on the idea b/c I wanted my alone time with T, but I came to my senses. She's my sister for fuck sakes...and I hardly get to see or hang out with her. It'll be fun.

I'm wearing my new purse today. I picked it up yesterday on my travels, after my docs appt. It's black [fake snake or croc skin] and it's got these silver buckles on it. It's one of those tube shaped purses and I got it for a decent price...a/b $30 less than the suggested store price. It looks hot with my outfit today. I'm a total shoe/purse whore...it's a sickness, I tell you. I showed it to K and he was like, 'you need to slow down on the shopping'. I have been going a tad over-board in the last month, but I haven't shopped for so long. Most of what I've gotten recently tho, he's bought me, but he thinks I should still save my $$. I also bought him a couple things like, 3 pairs of black socks for the gym [those short ankle socks] and work-out gloves [that I have to exchange b/c they're too small for him]. It's our 5 mth anniversary tomorrow and I could've waited to give him the stuff then but I was too excited. Although now, since I've gotta exchange the gloves, he'll get them on the exact day of our anniversary anyways. See, everything works itself out! I got another call-back too on that day, so our evening will have to be cut down slightly BUT I told them I could only stay till 9pm instead of 10pm. I wanted to still get our time in there too. I'm gonna try to get the key to the cottage too, for the weekend, b/c we want to go up and spend some time up north ALONE. Fuck, just yesterday we had to do the 'try to be really quiet' thing and it was SO hard!!! I will be so relieved when we finally get our own place. I haven't been to the cottage in so long and he's never seen the place. The last time I was there I was with R, and that was like 2 summer's ago?! Long time people! So ya, seeing as it's Wednesday, we're only 3 days away from the weekend. You know, time flies by really fast when you're always looking forward to the weekend. It's scary.