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Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2005, 1:39 p.m.: days like this...

So update first on the girlfriend situation. I forget where I left off but I confronted her and she responded with a shit-load of excuses, just one after the other. I gave her the opportunity to come clean and she chose not to. My instnct was telling me to just cut her off [that her negative attitude is more than I want to handle in my life] but I decided to take the 'bigger person' route. I told her how I felt and explained how her excuses are proof that she has no time for me and to give me a call when she can spare a moment. I thought that would actually put her off but she responded back to me with like 3 dates that she was free to hang out. Now, our tedious emai could have been totally avoided if she had only given me a fuckign date earlier. I figure she needed to 'take control' of the situation or feel like she was on top and that's why she reacted that way. Anyways, I'm going to go for coffee with her this Monday but I don't have a good feeling a/b our friendship anymore or the potential to patch us up. She has alot of stuff she needs to deal with on her own. I'm already @ the point where I feel like I can't tell her certain things and that's not how a friendship should be.

On a positive, I had another amazing weekend with my man K. We took my little sister out for lunch and some mini-golfing too...threw her into the mix. I don't et to see her as much as I would like to, and she gets along great with K, so I wanted to hang out a bit. She's 10 and she loves me to no end. I went to pick her up from her school the other day and I met her @ her locker. She was a/b to grab all her stuff from inside it when she blocked me from seeing what was inside. All of a sudden she got all embarassed. I told her not to worry a/b what was in there, that I wouldn't be upset or weirded out and then she showed me. She had stolen on of my head-shots from my desk and posted it up inside her locker. It's so surreal to see how much she really looks up to me. I love that girl so much!!! I would do anything for her.

Other than that, we had a fairly relaxing weekend with lots of lovin', like usual. The sex drive on him is very impressive. I could not be more satisfied than I am with him...it's almost unbelievable. Too hot!! We rented Star Wars, the first of the trilogy, b/c we're starting on that now. We also went to chk out our first apartment. Good price, but the size of the place was tiny and the price didn't include utilities. Greedy builders have been invading his area and the apartments have been getting smaller and smaller. We're probably going to go with an older building just for that reason alone. As long as the place isn't hideous on the outside tho...it's gotta look good both inside and out.

Tonight, we both have auditions in the city. I'm going to drive down to meet him, after my gym and then we'll head to mine. We are such fucking nerds, I swear. We are even going to study tonight for class tomorrow. Holy geeks, we are! But I love it man!!!