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Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2005, 12:32 p.m.: friend troubles and Elektra...

So one of my ex friends [that I've recently resumed contact with] has been power tripping on me lately. Ever since we started emailing again, and just talking, it's been tough for me to see her like we use to. First off, I have a fiance now that takes up alot of my time. He is ultimately my first priority. Second, she is still quite negative and I don't really want her 'energy' in my life too much. All in all, the situation is perfect for us to continue on a pleasant basis. I do still care a/b her alot and I'd always be there to help her but I prefer to keep her @ a distance. So seeing as now I have to fit in 1 friend a week, I don't end up seeing my friends that much anymore. Even tho I see 1 a week, the gaps between each can sometimes get pretty big. Most of them don't mind, they all have their own lives and it's not an issue. We talk on the phone, email and keep in touch other ways as well. This girl tho, I think, is a little upset @ the fact that I don't have the 'time' for her anymore. I think she expected things to go back to the way they were b/f and that's just not the case...it's not possible. So for the last while, I've been trying to set up an evening where we could meet up. I still have her xmas gift to give her too. I go to the gym @ 5.30pm everyday after work, so I always tell her that I can meet her a/r 7.30pm and that I have to eat dinner, so it would be cool if we go to a place where we could eat. She doesn't like to eat past 6pm or 7pm [not sure] so we always agree to a coffee shop, where she can get her tea and I can grab a sandwich or something. So in the past 3 weeks, for us to agree on a day has been next to impossible. I'm open tho to any day that I don't have class, @ night, or the radio show, which gives her a/b 3 days to choose from other than the weekend. Out of all the days I had available for her, she had one problem after the other or one issue a/f the other. It got to the point where the only day she could get together was a day that K and I were going over to my aunts for dinner. So I figured okay, lets just do this all three of us. Instead of pushing it another 2 weeks [b/c ALL her evenings were 'booked'] I told her, if she didn't mind K being there, that we could meet after the dinner @ my aunts. So she agreed to that. Cool. We decided on a 7.30pm meet @ Starbucks. A day b/f I started to think a/b the dinner @ my aunts. We were to be @ their place for 6.30pm so I started to wonder if meeting my girlfriend @ 7.30pm was really such a good idea. I emailed her [my g-friend] and asked if we could extend the time to 8pm instead, just in case...to which she didn't answer. The next day, since I hadn't heard from her, I sent her a quick text and asked her again...'what do you think a/b 8pm?' She asnwered me back and said that she couldn't, that she had to leave @ 8.15pm so if that was cool with me then she could do it. Now, @ this point, I was a little dumbfounded. She was trying to tell me that she had planned to stay 45 mins with me for coffee, when the last time we were out we spent like 4hrs together. It was obvious she was being spiteful and difficult, so I went along with it. I told her fine...I'd try to meet her for 7.50pm that night. So 'the night' comes along and we're @ my aunts and we're eating and it's 7.45pm. I felt that I couldn't just leave...I didn't count on my aunt NOT having dinner ready the moment we got there and so the thing ran later than I even thought it would. So I quickly called my girlfriend and told her the situation. I asked her if it was totally neccessary that she leave @ 8.15pm and she goes, 'well ya I missed the gym yesterday so I gotta go tonight for sure'. Now I can respect that, but her knowing that we were to get together, you'd think she'd have done all her gym stuff so that she would have the evening free. I apologized and told her I'd call her to re-schedule. So, even now when I'm feeling like she's ego-tripping on me, I'm still trying to be the bigger person. Today I emailed her with a new suggestion. If week nights can't co-ordinate with both our schedules, and neither of us is willing to budge, then how a/b a weekend. We use to go for brunch on Saturday mornings, after a Friday night of drinking, so I thought we could do that again...the brunch that is. Of course K would be with me too, but I gave her the option to bring someone or come alone. This is my last attempt. If she still plays games with me I am NOT trying anymore. It's done...I do not have the time to waste on her. She needs to grow the fuck up and stop thinking that the world revolves a/r her. Phew, that felt good!! Opinions are welcomed if anyone thinks I'm doing things all wrong, but I am quite confident on my thoughts here.

Other than that, I saw Elektra last night. The movie was pretty cool. Jennifer Garner looked hot as hell. She had these pouty lips that made you either want kiss her or smack her. I was a little bored @ first b/c they spent ALOT of time trying to make you understand what a 'soliatry' character she is, but I mean, you get the picture quickly...we didn't need a 1/2 hr of it. Then I also thought that they could have allowed the movie to have more of a cartoony effect. They tried to make it real as opposed to surreal which I thought was a mistake. The fighting scenes were pretty awesome and her body was killer, altho I thought she would have been more buff. All in all, it's an entertaining movie. I love Elektra, but if you chk the comic book she's a vixen looking, raven haired chick NOT a dirty blonde freckled faced, girl next-door type. Even tho I thought she looked good in the role, I would have chosen someone else for the role....someone like me...lol.