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Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2005, 3:08 p.m.: moving on...

Well, I finally did it. I passed my damn insurance exam. It's a/b time too b/c I was seriously becomign distressed with having to study those 12 chapters, especially with school starting. I need my time to concentrate on that class!! So I'm done...I am now fully licensed and I get a pay increase. Woo-fucking-Hoo!! K surprised me after the exam with 2 new tops and a card that said 'congratuations'. He congratulated me last time too, when I failed. He's really supportive and I love that a/b him. He even had a sexual surprise for me when we got home. I made us chicken bacon and we ate that while finsishing watching The Return of Jaffar [it's the 2nd installment of the Alladin trilogy]. After we did that, I changed into this black teddy that he bought me this xmas and I met him back in the bedroon. He so crafty that one and he totally appeases my desires. This time he blind-folded me and then put this collar on me with a chain attached. Ya, needless to say, we had alot of fun with that. No need to go into details there.

I left soon after to go to the gym and then I met up with my girlfriend for a quick dinner. I had her b-day present to give her, since her b-day 2 weekends b/f. It was in abig box and I didn't want to bring it into the lounge where we celebrated for her. It was better tho to get out with her just one on one. She really liked it! I bought her this cute little tweed pouchy looking purse, from Aldo with a green rose on it. I thought it was totally her style. I love getting gifts for people that they love. It really makes me feel good.

I talked to my girl T today too. She's getting married this October and she was out on the weekend picking wedding dresses. I was so excited to here her all happy and gushing a/b her dress. It's going to be cool to see her walking down the aisle. Wow, how fast things can change. It's scary sometimes. She took pics of it so I'll get to see what it looks like soon.

Tonight I have to get on sending out my packages to casting directors. Ive got a/b 30 demos to send out, but only a/b 16 c.d's to send then too. I decided to also offer my services as a reader, for auditions, if they ever need one on the fly or something. I'm sure they've got people already that they know to do that kind of stuff, but it's worth a shot. This past weekend I had quite a few theatre auditions that I went out too. I always thing I do so well and then I get no call. K booked 2 gigs already...1 theatre and the other 1 a film. The film he turned down b/c the scenes were explicit as hell and he didn't want to be put in that situation with me freaking out a/b it. I told him he could do it if he really wanted to, but I was cringing inside and he knew it. Plus, if I even got a gig where I had to be intimate I guess he wouldn't be too happy if I took it w/o even caring a/b his feelings in the matter. I know this is our job but he's got a point...'why jeapordize our realtionship for anything?' We are the most important thing to each other and therefore we should be number 1 priority. Why compromise our principles? By the time we're a-list actors we will be able to call the shots anyways, so why conform along the way?

New plans for both of us too involving living arrangements. In 2-3 months we're going to move in together. It will correspond with the exact time that we tell my parents [and his parents] a/b our engagement so we figure it's perfect. One of his current roomies is moving in 1mth and his land-lord has been expressing concern regarding how he [we] live in there. We have sex all the time, come adn go as we please, I'm over most nights and always weekends. He thinks that b/c he [K] gets so many privileges that the new tennant will want the same treatment. Regardless, it's time for us to go and have our own privacy anyways. Enough of this wondering if anyone is hearing us or not. It's really such a hassle and even when I try to be quiet it doesn't work. I threw being conservative out the window when I realized that I was never as quiet as I thought I was being. Oh well, onto better things.