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Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2005, 11:31 a.m.: xtra long weekend...

I didn't get a chance to go to the gym this morning. I was so tired last night! I went to spin a/f work and then met up with K. We went to Swiss Chalet and I got my craving satisfied..yuummmm. By the time we were done eating, I was so exhausted. I told him that we should save LOTR for another night so that we could just go home and make love. I knew that if I started to watch the movie I would have totally passed out and I was dying for some lovin' from him. As usual it was beautifully amazing. After the excitement had died down, and I was calm, I was even more tired than b/f but I knew I had to get going home. So anyways, come this morning, I just decided that it was better for me to just sleep in the extra hour. I also had to pack all my bags b/c from tonight until Monday I'll be staying @ his place. The packing alone took a/b a 1/2 hr.

Tomorrow we both have appointments with this naturopathic doctor woman. We each have seperate 2 hr consultations where she will 'read our aura's' and see what we're lacking or what physical ailments we're suffering from. It should be very interesting. She told me that he can't sit in the waiting room while I'm in with her b/c our aura's will mix and then she can't do an accurate reading. So for 2 hrs, each of us has to go and find something to do. I figure I'll just study in my car...gotta be productive. I'll tell you all a/b the session when I get back.

Tonight is our first class together. I'm looking forward to it...immensely. I have to wait to buy the book tho b/c it's $100 and that's $100 more money than I have right now to spend. Wish me luck on my insurance exam b/c that means a pay increase for me. We are slaves to money, I swear! My Dad said something terribely unsupportive yesterday. He told me that 'I'd better not even think a/b getting married until I finish my schooling'. He said that, 'I'd never complete it if I got married', which I think is the most negative, chauvenistic, and unspupportive statement anybody could make. I mean, just b/c you get married doesn't mean your life stops and you cannot continue to grow as a person. I will finish school, or whatever else I choose to do, whether I was married or not. I was pretty pissed off to hear him say that. I know that the whole family suspects that K and I are getting way too serious for their liking but really, how dare you say that to me?! What kind of message are you trying to give your kids?! If I was more impressionable that kind of comment could ruin me. Holy old-fucking-fashion!!!! I have faith that in the right partnership, anything is possible and achievable. It takes understanding and support on both ends. I WILL get my degree, no matter what I have to do. Mark my words.