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Monday, Jan. 10, 2005, 10:11 a.m.: study please...

Today I have to STUDY!!! I have my test on the 17th and I'm still only on chapter 2...I have 12 to get thru. Some I can skim over, but I'd like to really go over all of them thoroughly enough. This weekend was packed full with fun, so I didn't get a chance to really read. Friday night was more relaxed b/c after the radio show we just ate and cuddled in our bed. Saturday morning I cooked turkey bacon for us and we ate it in bed, with fruit, pita bread, and baby carrots. Then we had dessert, desert being each other. Very yummy. We both had auditions to go to that day and then he surprised me with plans to go to the bridal show. I didn't think we'd be able to fit it into our weekend, but we decided we could. So later in the afternoon we got all dressed up [b/c we had to go to my girlfriend's b-day later] and went to the bridal show. Of course, we got there just as it was a/b to end...we thought it went until 10pm, instead of 9. It's okay tho b/c we got in for free and still got to look a/r @ all the different things they had. They have these shows all the time, so I'm sure we'll get out to another 4 b/f we actually get married. We took so many pics in the lobby so our photo album makes it look like we really spent the evening there..haha. After that we made our way over to meet my girlfriend, and her posse, @ this lounge. It was a really hot place and was recommended by K himself. I hadn't eaten since late afternoon so when I got my first glass of wine in me I was spinning. We didn't plan on staying long so we stayed for a few hours, which is actually fairly long when you think a/b it. It's cool to party with K. We were dancing together and kept taking off to make out on the couches on the lower level. He kept telling me to sit on his lap, and wanted my pants over my ass, but I was not having it. If I had been wearing a skirt it wouldn't have been a problem, but I was not a/b to get caught all contorted with my pants consitricting my movement. It was cool tho, it made it even hotter that he wasn't getting what he wanted. What I love a/b him is that he makes me feel like I am the only girl in the world, wherever we go. I hope I do the same for him. So after my second glass of wine my spinning was even worse and we decided to get going. One of the girls with us was starting to get close with me, and kept kissing me. K doesn't like anybody kissing me, guy or girl, so he started asking me if I was encouraging her...which I was not, @ all. I would much rather kiss and lick K all over, than have anybody else, so I started to show him how much I thought he was my number 1. I wanted to make love to him so badly that night, but I felt like such shit [I am a total cheap ass drunk] that I just passed out in his arms that night. We decided to make up for it on Sunday, in between our auditions. Tore each other apart we did...fuck I love him!!! Once all our auditions were done on Sunday we watched the 3rd part of LOTR. We are half way thru the movie now and by this week sometime we will be done the trilogy.

So we are all set and signed up for our new course. It's the first of 8 that we have to take to get our certificate. Then once we have that we can apply to the degree program. All in all it should take approximately 5 yrs to complete, since we wont be going full time, give or take a bit b/c we could do some correspondance too. We're very excited to be starting this together. I love the fact that we have different directions we can take in our lives. I also love the fact that he is so enthusiastic a/b this with me. After we registered we dropped in to this shoe store. They were having a sale, buy 1 get the other for free. he got shafted b/c they didn't have nay of his shoes in his size, but I managed to score a kick-ass pair of boots [originally $300] and a pair of pint stilettos [to match this new xmas outfit I got] for $90!!! How cool is that?!? The boots were awesome too. Very original, with 2 zippers on each side with metal stars hanging off them. They're pointed toes and are also designed with purple and gold metallic lining and studs on them. hey sound busy but they are fucking amazing!! They matched perfectly with this top I bought recently so I wore them together on Saturday night. You should have seen it!!!

So tonight I get to go and pick up my last xmas present, from my aunts and uncles place. K and I are going to go over for dinner. I'm going to do the gym and then meet him @ his audition and then we can go over together to their place. Should be interesting, especially with all the recent drama going on right now. I'll post how it goes tomorrow, if I get the chance. Otherwise, have a lovely day girlz and boyz!