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Tuesday, Jan. 04, 2005, 10:55 a.m.: back to basics...

I have an audition today where I'm suppose to pull of being a 16 year old girl. I can do it, that's not the problem. The issue is that I didn't exactly dress the part today and I don't really know how to counteract this now. Oh well, hopefully they will only take my face and that way it won't really matter. This part is cool tho, it's a/b a girl who dies and finds herself in purgatory. She faces people who are all symbolic of her realtionship with her mother and father and has to come to terms with how she lived her life, the short time she was alive. Sounds like an interesting part for me.

After that I've got plans with the library. I have to re-write my insurance exam on the 17th and I have to do review again. So for 2 hours, while I'm waiting for K to get off of work, I will be a littel book-worm. Oh, I'm excited a/b this coming Thursday. K and I are enrolling in a University program. I kept thinking that I didn't want to grow old and NOT have a degree so I've [we've] decided to get into International Business. He's attempted b/f b/c International Biz is a passion of his, and I've been thinking of a biz degree for a long time [to balance out my artistic nature], so now we'll be doing it together. It'll be a night course and we'll be going over the schedule with a counselor so that we can put a plan together. Another thing to tackle. It's also back to acting classes for me. I have to find one that I think will really benefit me @ this stage of my career, so on the hunt I am. I've got high hopes for this year, I feel good a/b it!

Tonight I get to watch Blade-Trinity with K. A nice action vampire flick will be the perfect ending to my day. Tucked in neatly with him, it's heaven I swear. I haven't talked to him yet a/b telling our families earlier a/b the engagement. I should do that tonight tho. I know he'll be all for it. If it was up to him they would know right now!! It's me who's the chicken shit. I seem to think that if I work him into the famiy they will be more accepting. I guess the plus side is that they already suspect now so, when we tell them, it wont be such a shock to their systems. I can't live my life for them. I've been fighting this all my life, I swear. Sometimes I feel like Smeagal from LOTR where I'm battling to get away from the dark side. It's so easy to get pulled into the negative cycle you've been use to. It takes a shit load of determination and energy to be willing to fight for what's right and true...but it's worth it!