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Monday, Jan. 03, 2005, 2:59 p.m.: 30th anniversary...

I never got the chance to talk a/b how my parents 30th anniversary turned out! Well it was amazing and everything ran fairly smoothly, but not b/f [or while] I was freaking out practically the whole night. I stress WAY too much a/b things being perfect and I end up turning into a real BITCH. Mind you, we were late arriving to the place so I didn't get to oversee the preparation and that gets to me like nothing else. I'm a tad of a control freak and considering I planned the whole damn thing I needed it to run according to plan. K tried to calm me down and make me understand that NOTHING will ever run the way you expect it to, when you plan parties. He ran his own club in LA and being the one with more experience, in planning parties and stuff, I still couldn't take his word for it...I was just so wound up. I ended up treating him like shit in the process, which in turn made me feel like shit after the fact. My family makes me so damn tense!! Anyways, he was impressed with how well the party turned out in the end and he said I handled myself very well...even considering my tense nature. You should see the pics of me...I look like I'm gritting my teeth in almost all of them. That night was also my birthday, so my parents bought me a little cake to celebrate that as well. I got the shoes I wanted...black leather with rhinestone stilettos. They are so hot!! Only thing is that they practically busted on me that night and now they're back in the store getting repaired. For the amount of $$ that was paid for them, you'd think they'd be sturdier than that. Damn novelty items!!!!!

My Godfather was there...I invited him but what an asshole he is. The man hardly said hello to me and wouldn't even look me in the eyes. If I hadn't been so stressed I would have fucking spit in his cake or something!!! Okay, not really, but what a shot face he was?!?! @ the end of the night I was saying bye to his wife [my Godmother] and their kids and I went to turn to say bye to him and he had bolted out the door. How calculated too...as if I'm fuckign blind and didn't see that one. So I attempted to be the bigger person and he didn't allow it so I guess I'll just have to ignore him from now on...fucker!! What?! How rude is that?!?!

So ya, the 30th anniversary rekindled a bit of my parents flame there and that was awesome. Now they wanna have an anniversary party every five years for everyone to get together again. Not a bad idea...a party is always welcome. If I think of anything else, I forgot to update, I'll be back...