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Monday, Jan. 03, 2005, 12:43 p.m.: Happy New Year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Can you believe that it is 2005 already?! Where does the time go? I'm back @ work today...had to catch up on a few things here, but managed to sail right into this wretched schedule quiet easily. I had a great holiday. I spent it with K and his family up in Ottawa. We did the xmas thing @ my parents place on Christmas day and then hoped on the bus on the 26th. The bus ride was pretty cool. Both there and back we managed to score the back seats, so we were hidden away from everyone. On the way there we tried to get all comfortable and attempted to get each other off. It was hard tho b/c there were people sitting diagonally infront of us, who kept turning a/r and bothering us. Spending a week @ his parents place meant that we had to be very discreet a/b our love making. It sucked too b/c if his Dad was out his step-mom was still a/r, so we rarely had any alone time in the house. The only time we spent alone wa on New Years Eve, when everyone was @ his aunts place. We left early to have a quiet night alone, but ended up doing more talking that anything else. I had said something the night b/f that hadn't yet been discussed and it took up all of our alone 'quiet' time. It's okay tho b/c it was well worth it and we made up for any lost 'alone' time later on anyways. All in all, my holidays were amazing. I had so much fun. K took me tobogganing [sp] and to the Parliament buildings. We went all a/r Ottawa and we even managed to get in a work-out every day, for free too.

My family is freaking out now tho. They realize that things have gotten serious with me and K and I guess they still don't think he's good enough for me. Regardless of what they think, I know he is perect for me. He truly is my soul-mate, in the flesh, there is nobody in this world like him. If two people could be made for each other, it is us. You'd think that after all my years of struggle emotionally, heart-ache and pain, that I've gone thru, they'd be happy for me. To finally see me happy and growing as a person with someone else this time is a great thing I'd think. They still have it in their minds that they can control me I guess. I'm thinking now of telling everyone earlier than the summer, that we're engaged. I have to ponder it a bit, but I think it's a good idea.

So today was back to basics. Tonight I'm back to my usual gym schedule. K and I have plans tonight to sit down together and watch Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. He hasn't seen the trilogy so I wanted him to see them all. He kept falling asleep to it in Ottawa b/c we'd put it on so late @ night but I want him to see it thru. So he's going to have Persian food [my fave] waiting for me a/f the gym. It's going to be fun. After this we're going to watch the Star Wars series, b/c I haven't seen it. Yes, we're losers!!