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Friday, Dec. 17, 2004, 11:20 a.m.: rush baby...

WOW! So much has happened over the last while. I'll do my best to update. Firstly, I got into a huge fight with my aunt over K. I confronted her, last week, a/b some of the things she was saying behind our backs and on her prejudices re his background. Anyways, it got heated very fast and I totally told her off. I was fucking livid...I called her some pretty bad names but none of them were uncalled for. I didn't swear once either, which is good for me...shows I've matured..haha. In the end I disowned her as my realtive b/c she wasn't willing to 'get to know' my new boyfriend and give him a chance b/d she judged him. I felt completely disrespected and hung up on her. Not b/f she managed to tell me that she was not going to some to my parents 30th anniversary party, if 'he' was going to be there. Fuck, I was so pissed off @ her...but I figured she was the one who looked like a complete racist idiot. Anyways, the next day seh called me like crazy and tried to smooth things over. We're @ the point now where she agreed to put her opinions aside, be civil and just get to know him herself. She even invited 'us' over to her place for dinner, so it looks like she's going to come a/r, eventually.

I wrote my exam this week, the one that would give me my full licence to sell insurance, and I failed by .7%. No that is NOT 7% people...that's point 7%!! Can you believe that shit?!?! The night b/f I had to write it tho, I was puking for like an hour, I thought I was gonna die. I'm surprised I even made it to the place to do the test. So it turns out I will just have to re-write it and I'm scheduled to do so on the 17th of January. They're taking holidays too, which is fine b/c it'll give me time to study some more...AGAIN. Hey, the more I study, the more I'll know. It was so cute tho, when K came to pick me up and I got in the car, I had a rose on my seat with a card that said 'congrats on passing the exam'. I was upset, for not passing, but that made me laugh. Ah, I'll pass next time!

My birthday is in 4 days. So is my parents anniversary party. This weekend I'll be getting/putting the finishing touches on everything. I have a/b 200 more dollars to spend still. I think it's going to be a really good night tho and I know my parents will be pleasantly surprised @ everything that's going to happen that night. I just got a call from the priest who is coming down to renew their vows. That's another little unexpected surprise that we put together for them. I'll have to warn them on the night of, so that they don't get up there, in front of everyone, and fumble thru their words. That would be pretty embarassing!!

Tonight K and I have the whole palce to ourselves. Last night was our first night in the apartment, with no rommmates. Let me tell you, sex is even hotter [if that's possible] with him when I'm not worrying a/b making too much noise. I hate the fact that I have to restrain myself when those guys are a/r but I'm not one to just totally be oblivious to them. In person I'm pretty private a/b our sex life...and I don't like the idea of anyone getting off @ the sounds that I make while I'm fucking [or making love to] my fiancee. It's not a comforting thought. But tonight, and for the rest of the month, it's going to be AMAZING!! After I came last night, I swear I thought I was going to have a heart-attack...it was such a rush.

Okay so I'm looking very forward to getting off work today. Lots to do and xmas is so damn close I can taste it!!