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Tuesday, Dec. 07, 2004, 11:08 a.m.: pain in my ass...

I have this terrible pain in my ass today. It's situated to the right [or left] of my tail bone [depending on which way you're facing] and it feels like I'm bruised or something. I don't know if I mashed it while I was spinning last night or if there's some other whacked shit going on in there. And no, it's not from too much sex or anything!! Or is it?! I don't know!! It kinda freaks me out a bit tho and I hope it goes away asap. If it persists, then I will have to make a trip to the doctors. I made it out to the gym again this morning, bright and early. Worked on biceps and back and did some glutes too, just for the hell of it. Tonight I'm meeting K @ my gym and he's going to do his weights while I spin. I got a months free membership, as an xmas gift pass, from the gym that he's going to use. After working out we're going to go eat @ Crazy Sushi and then catch National Treasure. He wants to sleep in my car tonight, @ my place, so that we can go to the gym again in the morning together. He's got an audition here in my area tomorrow @ 11am so it's easier for him to just stay down here, instead of going home. I would sneak him into my place, but my Grandmother is WAY too nosey and if she found out that he was there...there would be hell!! So, I'm just going to give him like 5 big blankets and a pillow and he can sleep in the car...his suggestion, not mine. I think he's a bit cooky actually, cute as hell, but cooky. It's a good thing it's suppose to be 6 degrees tomorrow instead of the 0 it is today!!!

When I got in this morning to work, the furnace was shut off. It was so freakin' cold I had to keep my jacket on until only a little while ago. The damn furnace man came in FRIDAY to fix the thing and he obviously did NOTHING. It still shuts off for some reason and we still have to constantly re-set the thing. A huge branch from our neighbors tree fell off onto our drive-way too. Got full of ice and must have just been to heavy to hold onto itself, so it snapped onto our side. This weather totally sucks people!!! I want a white xmas but this is just ridiculous. I mean, we hardly had a summer and now we have this horrible freezing winter, already!

I went out for dinner with my girlfriend last night. The one I thought was being a little too flirtatious with K. We had a good long chat and I obviously decided to over-look what happened, as long as she doesn't do it again. I trust her tho and I trust him, so I never really believed that anything would happen...it was just the lack of respect for my feelings that I was upset with. That [fucking my man] is a line you cannot cross with me. I would never let the person live it down...not that one. It sucks tho that we can't relate on the same level, in that regard, anymore. Change is great but it sucks that you sometimes have to leave certain things behind. I can tell that there's a bit of envy there, when I talk a/b him, so I'm going to refrain from it a/r her. I don't want her to think I'm rubbing 'us' in her face.

I got 2 parking tickets over the weekend. Piss me off!!! The shittiest thing is that I think I have to pay for them b/f I get my plate sticker renewed on my birthday this year, which means in 2 weeks I have to drop another $60 on these damn things!! How shit it that?!? One of the tix I got while parked outside of K's building, where there was a sign [clearly displayed] that said 'no parking Mon-Fri, from 8am-6pm. It was Saturday night?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! I may fight it.