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Monday, Nov. 22, 2004, 12:56 p.m.: birthday weekend...

It was K's birthday this weekend. He turned 23 on Sunday. We started out our weekend on Friday night with our radio show. I call it 'our' show but it's really only his. I'm just in one segement so far, but he's slowly working me in more and more. Of course, he can only do so much with me b.c most of the listeners prefer not to hear English all the time. This week was much easier and I've already adjusted to working behind the microphone. We work really well together..our chemistry is very apparent, so there's that fire there. I love watching him work...it's so amazing...and he's so hot too!! When we were done we went to this little French restaurant for dinner. We were arguing alot that night. I sometimes become very cold and not affectionate and it effects him emotionally. Then he starts to pry and make me verbalize my feelings and I still, @ times, find it very hard to be expressive [verbally] a.b such things, especially when I feel like I'm being pressured. So I end up shutting down even more, which drives him even mader. The good thing is that we can be freaking out, and yelling, @ each other and then we just burst out laughing in the middle of it. By the end of the night we were making love on his bed and all had been resolved and forgotten. My aloofness had subsided and I was brought back to life and ready to go. He had a surprise for me, but we were so tired that we decided to just save it for the next day. I was excited b.c he's very sexually creative and he really knows what I like...very perceptive, but we just match so well is what it really comes down to, I believe.

Saturday we got an early start on our day. We both had auditions in the [heart of the] city, so we had to work everything a.r those. I had made dinner reservations for 5.30pm @ this awesome restaurant a.b. 30mins away from his place. By the time we got our shit done that day it was 4pm and we were rushing back to his place to get ready. @ 4.50pm we were dressed and ready to go. I wore my satin pink chinese dress, with my black fishnets and black stilletos. He wore his black suit with a pink shirt to match my pink dress...yes, we are geeks!!! We got to the restaurant in perfect timing and he loved the place. When you enter the drive-way, the restaurant [that looks like a castle] is surrounded by a wall of torches. It looks so amazing. The place is like a castle and inside was even more beautiful. I thought it matched with our theme...he being my King and I his Queen. We're very dramatic this way...lol. We ate very yummy food and were treated like royalty. Once dinner was finished we had to make it back to see a play that my girlfriend was starring in. By the time we got to he theatre tho, it was packed and there was only 5 min to start time. So we had to split up...I sat in the front row @ the end, and he was behind me in the second row end seat. This sucked, especially b.c. the play ended up being so long and boring we were both falling asleep. It's unfortunate but they had NO scene change and three hours of drawn out dialogue. Seriously, that's such a 'no-no' these days. 3 hours and NO change of scenery?!?!!? It was interesting to see my friend, both in and a.f. the play though. She's just recently gotten invovled with this married guy in the cast and is on this high. She was overly flirtatious with K that night which made me wonder what the fuck her problem was. I haven't figured out if it was the fact that she was excited b.c. of the play or something else, but K made sure she felt very uncomfortable with herself b.c. of her behaviour. He was shocked that she was acting so 'comfotable and touchy' with him and I was shocked that she didn't keep herself together and has suddenly totally changed her personality. I already had to make a comment and K found it neccessary to shield himself from her @ one point. Anyways we'll see what happens next time now. We chose not to go out with her for drinks that night. It was getting really late and we just wanted to go home and have alone time together. Plus he had a surprise that he was dying to give me. Our session that night lasted 3 hrs, chocolate sauce, and edible underwear [that are fucking disgusting as hell!!] that made us laugh our asses off. We were complete zombies by the time we passed out.

Sunday we hoped to spend the day [which was his actual birthday] alone together. But prior arangements forced us to get some stuff finished first. He had a rehearsal to be @, so I studied more of my text books...since I have another exam coming up soon. The Santa Clause parade was right a.r. the place where he had to rehearse, so we had to force our way thru mounds of people on the street, climbing over fences and bushes in the process. By the time we got to actually be alone, it was 5.30pm. We went for a quick dinner and then took a nice bath/shower and made love to finish off his birthday weekend. He opened his present and really liked it. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to put together an amazing enough b-day for him, but he said it was his best ever. I never knew I would love doing things for someone so much. It's really so beautiful. Next weekend we have plans to go and see his parents for the weekend. He's spending xmas with me and my family, so we'll have to do our xmas visit to them asap. Otherwise the time will just fly fly away...like it seems to like to do, when you're having fun.