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Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2004, 11:40 a.m.: adversity...

So I did the dinner thing with my aunt yesterday night. I was a little upset after I left tho. I decided to bring in my photo album. It's one that K and I have started and I figured, since she hadn't been that involved in my life lately, I'd update her on my new boyfriend [no family knows, or will know, for a while that we're engaged]/what's been going on with me. Now, she's a tad racist and I knew this coming into the introduction of my pics. K is from the Middle East [my fetish, yes] and while I don't give a flying fuck where anyone is from, others are not always as agreeable. Well, she did NOT say ONE word re him or my pics. She just sat there and looked thru them with no comment what-so-ever...which I guess is better than a negative comment, but come the fuck on!!!! These people better get use to him b/c he's going to be a/r for a long time. The holidays are going to be filled with surprises if my 'family' cannot bring themselves to respect him and me. I would love it if my family could be accepting towards him [or those who are different or what-not] it would make things so much better for all of us...and I'll do my best to try to create a great setting, but I WILL NOT stand for disrespect and ignorance...NEVER.

Tonight K and I are going over to my girlfriend's place for dinner. She and her fiance are going to cook for us. It'll be the first time of boyz meet and we're hoping that they will be able to get along so that we can do the double thing here and there. We've already got this freaky connection where her man is so similar to K and she is so similar to me...so our dynamics are exactly the same. Also their b-days are a/r the same week while mine and her b-days fall within the same week too..pretty much. I mean, there are obviously many differences but many similarities too...it's funny to us. It's been a while since I've been out with her too, so this will be nice. I hope it goes well.

Went to the gym this morning and fucking killed my arms. I'm trying these new exercises to tone my arms b/c I dont want them to bulk anymore. When I finished today they were so tight I thought they would explode. I did a nice fast work-out too...got to the gym by 6.45am and was done by a/r 7.20ish. I had plenty of time to wash up and get ready for work and I was in by like 8.15 here this morning. So I got a great start to my day. I saw this woman this morning, walk out of the showers, with the most perfect looking tits I have ever seen in my life! They were fake but they were beautiful. I kept starring @ her boobs and she kept checking out my ass. It was funny. I want them! I plan to get to a spin class in tonight b/f I go over for the dinner get-together. It's going to cut my evening tight but it'll be worth the rush. I have this renewed sense of purpose again, like I have to conquer the world... or tackle adversity. I feel challenging. The gym REALLY becomes my sanctuary in times like these...now I can add K to the mix too.