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Thursday, Oct. 07, 2004, 11:04 a.m.: deeper...

My sister and I have decided to throw a 30th anniversary party for our parents this year. We're going to try to book a banquet room in the same hotel that they had their reception, as a surprise for them. It's going to cost a pretty fucking penny for this place but we figure they deserve this from us. I'm leaving in an hour to go see the room and go over the price and menu and stuff. If we can work it right, it should turn out really cool. We thought they could renew their vows too, for that added bonus. It falls on the same day as my b-day does so I get shafted in the deal this year but I'm a big girl, so I wont be a baby a/b it...hopefully...HA!!

Have I mentioned how fucking totally beautiful it is outside right now?!? It's gorgeous and it still feels like summer...suppose to be this way the whole Thanksgiving weekend. Saturday K and I are going to go to the gym and then drive to Niagara Falls. There's this shop there that I got a ring from last year, and I ended up losing the ring recently. So we're going to go and re-find it and buy it again. It's my fave ring of all time. That and I want to go to one of the 100 bed & breakfasts there for brunch or something. I think that would be very yummy for my tummy.

We had this total bonding talk last night. It brought us even closer, if that's possible. We've got that weird telepathic thing going on where I psychically know what he has to say to me...trivial or serious. He can feel my pain, if I get hurt, and we think the same things @ the same time, almost always. It's a beautiful thing but it can be so scary too. I've never had something so pure with anyone b/f in my life. I'm in awe and in love, truly for the first time. When we 'made love' last night, I felt him experience me deeper and stronger than he ever has b/f...and I think it was b/c I was being more open and expressive with him. Needless to say, sex with him is fucking mind-blowing everytime anyways...it is so amazing. But, enough with my gloating, onto other things.

Is it Friday yet?