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Wednesday, Oct. 06, 2004, 10:27 a.m.: never...

I've been slacking on my diary lately. I can't figure out why b/c it's not like I have extra work to do here or anything. Maybe it's that I feel more content and I don't think it neccessary to talk out my head. I think it's much more interesting to write a/b negativity and it's also much more interesting to read. Don't know why that is for us humans. We strive for happiness yet love to dwell in misery and negativity. Regardless, I still think it's totally beneficial for me to keep a check in on myself...even during the positive times in my life. That said, I'm going to make the attempt to push myself to write more. I've gone through a bit of a settling process recently. After getting back from NY I pretty much just flew right into my relationship with K and that left me a tad lop-sided. My schedule was thrown off and it's only started to get back to normal just this week.

I started a new work-out routine that K sort of wrote for me. It's going to make my gym schedule 6 times a week, alternating between cardio and weights, and 1 day off to rest. Idealistically it will work out that way but more realistcally I think I'll find myself combining both some days, with weights in the mornings and cardio @ night. As long as I get my 3 and 3 in there, I will feel @ ease a/b it. Taking that trip in the summer totally messed up my work out routine. I love vacationing and I really don't do it that often but it gets harder to et back into the swing of things, the longer the time off you take.

It's Thanksgiving this weekend. Sunday, my family has invited me up to their cottage to do the dinner thing there. I had plans to bring with me, since he IS my new b-friend but I don't think it's goingto pan out that way. It seems that my family already has a problem with him and have begun teh shunning process. I mean, I'm making it much more melo-dramatic than it has to be but I do have a tendency to enjoy when I can actually get along with my family instead of always being @ each other's throats. I try to be an adult and live in their world but they aren't willing to allow that for me. So, to keep myself from getting an ulcer, and whatever other nasty ailment theyir negativity can cause, I'm just going to shut up a/b it and go on like nothing is happening. It's a good thing K is so understanding of the situation. We come from a very similar up-bringing, even though we are of different nationalities. It's unfortunate that my family is still not willing to accept me for ME though. Some things never change.