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Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2004, 1:09 p.m.: my own agent...

I feel like shit today. My throat is killing me, it's so sore. My head hurts too and I think I'm in killer need of some good nights rest. I have to catch up b/c I've really been neglecting my beauty sleep. I need @ least 6hrs a night, 7 preferably, to feel rejuvinated in the morning. As soon as I start to miss my needed rest my body breaks down on me. I guess it's a good thing and I am NOT one to ignore my sicknesses. I may sound like a whiny little twat but @ least I remain true to what my body is telling me.

Tonight I have to meet up with the director from my latest project. He's taking me and the other lead cast members out to dinner. K, who I met on set of the movie, is coming too. Nobody knows yet that we're together so it'll be a shocking surprise...especially considering we really had no scenes together. It was defiantely something else that pulled us together. It's good that he goes right after what he wants b/c I would have let him slip right passed me. I thought her was hot and I wanted to fuck the shit out of him but I was in no mood to pursue him. I left that situation up to fate. It's funny how fast news spreads in the acting community. I tell one person one thing and all of a sudden the whole world seems to think they know my plans. It's very funny! I must have told someone that I was going to LA and they in turn told my director that I was actually IN LA. So here he is trying to set up dinner with me and he's mentioning to K that he heard I was in LA. Broken telephone is what it's called, I think. Too fucking funny! It's good publicity though.

I still have no gotten any auditions from my agent. She claims that she's been submitting me to cd's but apparently it takes a while b/f they get use to your face and actually call you in. Fuck, this process takes alot longer than I thought. I think what I may do is find out which cd's she's sending me out to and they do my own mail-out introducing myself to them. That may get their attention quicker. I can't just sit a/r and wait for her to do everything. This sucks, I wish I could be my own agent!! I'm already my own publicist.