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Monday, Sept. 27, 2004, 10:59 a.m.: tired...

I feel like I need rest today. I haven't been getting enough sleep since I've been with K. We tend to stay out too late and get up too early. I have to start reeling myself back into my schedule again. This weekend we went to see his parents. We drove 5hrs to get to there and stayed in one of the biggest hotels in the city for one night. Of course, we hardly slept there b/c we were busy with other biz. So that, and the fact that the night b/f we were @ the cirucs and the vent was blowing cold air on my chest, made me so sick the next day. I had to dope up on extra strength tylenol for the rest of the weekend to keep me from passing out. We had a great time though. He's the black sheep of the family and so am I so we can relate when we're together with our relatives. It was much more comforting than I expected b/c I was with him but I still had that feeling of not belonging that I know so well. I have truly met my soul mate. Now we have to make sure we both stay on the straight path together. We managed to get out to 2 auditions in the city too. One of them we read together and the director liked the fact that we knew each other well...that we could connect so nicely. That fact my get us both the part and I would take it in that case, but if it's only me I probably wont bother doing it. It would be fun to act with him in a film...albeit a short one.

So what's on the agenda for this coming week? I have to try round one of my fiancial exam tomorrow or the next day. If I can pass the thing then I can get a raise here and that would help me out a bit. If not though, no worries, I obviously don't need it. I may do better w/o it actually. The more money you make, the more money you spend and then you don't get use to saving or budgeting, which is so neccessary for me to learn to do. My pics are all out to my new agent so I've got nothing left to do in that regard. Now it's her turn to start getting me work. I have to take a new class soon. My summer break is officially over and I have to get back into the lesson/work aspect of my acting.