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Friday, Sept. 24, 2004, 11:40 a.m.: bring it...

I'm leaving today to meet his parents. First we're going to go see Cirque de Soleil and then we're going to drive 5hrs to his Dad's place. It should be fun...I love road trips. I'm a little nervous a/b meeting his Dad though. I know that they [like my parents] would rather see their child w someone of their same heritage. While we are both very open-minded people, our parents are prejudice. I've been living this scenario thorughout my whole life. I find it very interesting that it just keeps popping up. I can't wrap my head a/r the idea that one must stay within their own culture when looking for someone to be with. I love the diversity that comes with meshing cultures. I would never want to be ignorant to another part of this world. He met my parents last night and they seemed to get along very well. Rumour has it though that my Mother has been calling a/r to all her family and talking a/b me and him. Gossip makes me want to puke on all of them. It's a good thing I've got my big mouthed aunt telling me what's going on. A little bit of irony for the situation workign in my benefit, for the time being. Not that I fully even trust her, but @ least I get a bit of the inside scoop so I know what tobe prepared for. I still get way too involved with all their own drama. This time I'm going to promise myself to ignore any negativity I get from them and just live my life according to my rules. It's not up to me to make things work, as far as I'm concerned, it's their attitude that will have to adjust to any situation I throw their way...b/c it's my life I'm living.

We're planning on doing some auditioning there as well this weekend. Shopping, clubbing, and working. We can combine it all together. I love spending time with him. So everything has been set up with my agent now and as of next week she should be calling me with auditions. It's finally my time to shine. The kharma bus has stopped @ my stop finally and I'm prepared for it. I'm ready with all my luggage neatly packed up and my trusty road map in my pocket.In other words...bring it on baby!!!