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Friday, Aug. 27, 2004, 9:37 a.m.: Friday...

I JUST LOST MY FUCKING ENTRY!!!! That shit drives me insane!!! Anyways, I was going on a/b how I'm going to get my new boy to write me up a new weight program. I went to the gym this morning, but it got cut short b/c my girlfriend [work-out partner] was going through some shit b/c of her manipulating mother again. When she's in a mood like that I have to set her head straight. Her mom's a bitch...reminds me of mine, but I think her's has actually gotten worse as she's aged. Yea, so, b/c I'm bored of my lifting routine it's time for another one. When you get to the point where you don't have to think ab what you're doing anymore...switch it up! It's like work sometimes. We morph into robots almost and we can go through the motions w/o even making a mistake, but it does nothing for your mind. Plus it takes you out of the 'now' and that's NO good.

I was supose to go salsa dancing last night. This girl I know is teaching @ a club. So I leave her a message asking her info a/b the night, such as, how much it is and what the night will be like. She calls me back, and b/c I missed the call, leaves ME a message with ONLY the directions to the place!! I didn't even ask for directions! So I got pissed and didn't go. I want to know how much I'm going to be spending, fuck!! She's just trying to get me down there...fucking ghetto sneaky bitch. THAT'S what I don't like a/b this girl...and come on, she's so transparant. Until I know what it costs and what it's a/b I'm gonna pass. I guess I gotta get her on the phone in person. It sounds like fun and I love to dance so it's not like I wouldn't go. Only thing is now the fact that she's trying to be all cunning with me, makes me want to find another place instead.

It's Friday!!! This week feels like it flew by so fast. I'm glad it did though b/c tonight I get to see my guy. I think we're going to go bowling or something and then to dinner and then... yea, and probably back to his place. What's bad [or good, depending how youlook @ it] is that when I think a/b it I get that anticipation feeling going on in my stomach. That excitement/anxiety feeling...the one I use to get right b/f I did e. I can't be addicted already?!?! Can I? Fuck!

I brought the wrong deodorant to the gym today. I should have taken with me my addidas one from home, but I took the degree...that sucks. It leaves that white flaky shit on my shirts whereas my new-found addidas stuff does not...ever. I'm very impressed. I should do the commerical for it! Get it...do it!!

Oh, so there was a shooting @ a subway station downtown this week. Some whacko lost it on his wife and went after her with a gun. She got away and then he took some innocent bystander hostage and the cops had to sniper his ass. Shot him in the head and killed him. K [my new boy] got to work that morning to the site of the guys brains on the side walk and his lifeless body being covered with a sheet. Now how's that for some excitement @ work?!?! I was jealous.