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Thursday, Aug. 26, 2004, 9:21 a.m.: good things coming...

So I still have 'guy with the girlfriend' calling me. I don't know if I mentioned this b/f but this guy I met on set [same set as my new boy]keeps trying to get me to go out with him. When he first asked me out, I was interested ...I though he was a cool guy and we got along really well. Then he goes and drops the bomb on me that he's in a relationship...BUT...that it's an 'open' relationship and they are free to see whomever they please on the side. @ first I was intrigued b/c I've always wondered how relationships like that worked...I sometimes wonder if I'd be into that sort of arrangement. Then the more I thought a/b it, a/f the fact, I wondered if he was just telling me this bull-shit to cover up the simple fact that yes, he does have a girlfriend but he still just wants to fuck me. Anyways, as time went on I started to notice he would only call me @ weird times...like early in the morning @ 9am or during work hours...and if I tried to call him back @ night he wouldn't pick it up. This went on for a bit and I tested some different theories out and sure enough, I am now totally convinced that he has no such open relationship going on. He just wants to fuck other women. We haven't managed to even go out once yet, but he's still after my ass. Now, I'm just NOT into it @ all though. I don't even care a/b how his relationship works, even if by some rare chance it really IS an open thing. I have my new boy whom I am quite satisfied with @ the mo.

I'm going to get my hair done today. I saw this chick in LUSH recently and she totally had the cut I wanted. The exact cut I was somewhat trying to explain to my stylist the last time I was in to see her. It was a little crazier than what I can get away with, b/c of my acting, but it's the basic idea. Short, to a/b the nape of my neck @ it's longest, but with choppy layers all over...and black, which fades to dark brown as times passes. I just need to cover the damn grey's that keep popping up @ my roots!! My Mother's side of the family, the stress cases, are all pre-mature greyers...and I have been blessed with that gene too.

Did I mention that I've given up coffee, for the most part? Yea, how fucked is that?! The whole time in NY I was basically only drinking tea, except for the odd iced mochachino. Plus I just started to worry a/b the whole calcium depletion that's caused by coffee drinking, so I cut it out. It's not as if I need it...I'm naturally wired during my days. Caffeine free tea is what I'm into right now and it's been going well. I'm not suffering any kind of withdrawl or anything!!

Got an audtion today for a gaming host on some station. I thought it was pretty cool and I think I'd actually do really well with it. Other than that, things seem to be going like this: my girlfriend plans to go back to NY, maybe this January. I however, have plans to go to LA, maybe this January as well, still. Lots of new things happening...I feel good things coming.