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Monday, Jun. 21, 2004, 9:51 a.m.: good weekend....

Well, I must say...this weekend turned out to not be as busy as I had anticipated. I was suppose to shoot both Friday and Sunday, but Sunday got cut out. Friday's shoot was awesome though. I had a nice twist of fate creep up on me. It started with me arriving @ the location and the director calling me up to tell me that he and the crew were running late. So, I chilled on the grass a bit. It was a nice day out so I made the best of it. Carol, one of the producer's on set happened to also be early on set. She came over to join me and we talked a/b her job and how she got started producing. It was interesting to find out her background and she was mentioning to me how so much of the industry has to do with favors people do for you and contacts. I went into my story, how I got started acting and how I went to University and things didn't turn out the way I had expected...how I was still plugging away looking for an agent. She then mentioned how she was producer for this up-coming series based on Italain-Canadians and she asked me if I was of Italian background. Turns out the director of the series is one of the guys I had zeroed out @ the Italian Fim Festival Gala and she said that she was going to call me in to audtion for the show. I was pretty fucking ecstatic when she said that and I gave her my biz card trying to contain my excitement. It occured to me later on how crazy and coincidental it was that this guy [who I had specifically asked a/b, a/f seeing him @ the party] turns out to be the director to this series that she [the producer-who has most of the say in casting] wants to bring ME in to audition for...w/o an agent!!!!!! That was the best news of the weekend for me!!! It's not a guarantee, or anything, but it's a step closer..even if I did have an agent. This is the person you want rooting for you. The series is going to be based on a novel by a friend of hers, actually. So, I wrote the title down and am going to buy it so that I can read and get a good picture of the characters. Is the universe giving me the okay, finally?

Other than that, I've got not much else that's worth writing home a/b. It's 1.5 weeks away from my premier and we still have a bit more work to do. Today, I'm going to get a consultation on the tattoo on my leg. I'm planning on getting it lasered off so I need to find out how much it's going to cost me. I figure that it's not going to help me out in my career in any way, if anything it's a hinderance. It's too bad that she's so fucking big though. Please people, b/f you go and do some whacked shit...THINK FIRST!!! Now, I'm probably going to have a scar b/c of it. Not a good thing guys!!

I've got a phone interview with one of the local papers today. He said he's going to write a bit a/b us in the paper, so it's all good. I got the go ahead, so I decided to just do it myself instead of waiting for the 'supposed team leaders' to tell us what to do. If I had known that they were just going to work solely for themselves, I would have gotten this shit done much earlier. You should see the pics they chose for the web-site...it's all a/b them. And the audacity they had in putting a pic of me there w/o my consent, that I had to make a fuss a/b. I was pretty pissed this weekend...let me tell you. I sent a message off already and hopefully it will be corrected, b/c if not I'm going to have to drive over to someone's house and have a little chat.